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Need help... timers

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Default Need help... timers

Well, this is the only part of these forums I figured I could post this question. I have a Manitowoc ice machine at my camp in Buras, La with about a 400lb bin. Problem is, I don't want the machine to run all week long. I'd like for it to come on Thursday nights and shut off on Sundays. So, I'm looking for an automatic timer capable of performing this task. I've done some online searching, but it just confused me more. Is there a timer out there that anyone knows about that would be capable of running an appliance like this and turning it on and off once per week? I'm at the end of my rope. I'm not sure they make such a thing. If they don't... it'd be a great new product for vacation homes, camps, etc. Please help if you can. Thanks!
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Default RE: Need help... timers

There are all sorts of such timers. The general answer is that any line voltage timer with sufficient current capacity and a one week or longer capability will do the job for you. Connection is another issue. Is your ice machine "hardwired" or does it have a plug?

If it has a plug, there are many that have sockets and the machine can plug into them. If hardwired, you will need a timer with terminals to wire up the machine.

One company which stocks both, in a bewildering variety, is W.W. Grainger. Check their website. Radio Shack and many hardware stores have plug in ones, but finding a week at a time is a little harder.

To use any timer, you will need to find out what the current requirement (maximum amps) of your machine is, and buy a timer with at least that capacity. That information should be on the machine's label and probably in your manual.

All the above assumes it's a 120 v machine. If it's 240, harder to find, but again, Grainger has them.

The bigger ones get pretty spendy, but if you didn't blink at a Manitowoc for your fish camp, you probably won't blink at the timer. Bear in mind the effect of power failures on any timer's accuracy.
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Default Re: Need help... timers

Hmm, you may be making a mistake here. Our ice machines already shut off automatically when the bin is full. The amount they run to replace the small amount of melting is tiny compared to what it takes to make new ice if you let it melt. If you are trying to save electrical cost, it is actually cheaper to leave it on. The ice you have made already has the investment in $$$ in it and it is much cheaper to just keep it cool than make fresh.
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Default Re: Need help... timers


Yandina makes a pretty powerful point.

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