C-map bathymetric or regular grade...

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Default C-map bathymetric or regular grade...

I fish Chesapeake bay, various Virgina seaside bays, and nearshore to about 10 miles off in my boat. Should I be looking at the regular or the bathymetric chart for the same area. Thanks.

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Default C-map bathymetric or regular grade...

If you are going to have just one chart of the area, I would recommend the regulare chart. IMHO, the bathy charts are too detailed for cruising but once you arrive at the fishing grounds they are my first choice.

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Default C-map bathymetric or regular grade...


I looked at another manufacturer's bathmetric and regular charts last summer and I'm sure the difference was about the same as it will be for the C-Map system's. There was a great deal more information on the Bath version and I got the impression that a lot more and more precise data sources had been available in their making. But none of that is my point.

I chose not to buy the Bath version when I realized that I had already turned down the level of detail on the existing regular mapping set that I had. I do it to keep screen clutter down, because you can have way way to much stuff showing if you want to turn it to high. So then I thought, why spend the additional money for this additional electronic chart set that is so very much more detailed when I am turning down the detail on what I've already got? It just didn't make sense. But I already had an electronic chart set. If I didn't have one and was going out and buying my first I'd go with the Bath chart, but I wouldn't spend the money to upgrade.

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Default C-map bathymetric or regular grade...

The Bathy charts don't have as much harbor detail. If this is an issue, get the regular charts. You can also buy both and depending on how you set up your plotter, you can go from no detail to tremendous detail in a seamless manner.

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Default C-map bathymetric or regular grade...

My chartplotter will "turn off" the bathy info if you choose for navigation etc. if you like (Navman)
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