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Side Imaging Sonar

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Default Side Imaging Sonar

I am considering installing a Humminbird 797c2iSI Combo on my center console to use for striped bass fishing around Cape Cod and the islands. Has anyone had experience with these units?
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Default RE: Side Imaging Sonar

Ihad the hummingbird 997 & was't impressed with the side imaging sonar.
Then I bought the 967 3D. I like the ability of the 3D & being able to "mark" the distances from the boat Plus I can still use it in a 2D mode.
With either of the units when your doing side imaging or 3D you need to keep your speed down 7MPH or lower.

Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Side Imaging Sonar

Using a Humminbird SI unit offers you the ability to find the bait and structure alot faster than with just downward looking sonar.It's best to run a larger screen unit a 997c or 1197c unit, as the larger screen is easier to interperate than the smaller screen 797c unit.

I also recommend the use of the earlier SI transducer designed for the 987c SI unit.That transducer is the best transducer choice for saltwater use,and the 997c &1197c unit are preprogramed to use the lower 262 kHz side imaging frequency that has less attenuation(losses)than the higher 455kHz HDSI transducer that comes with the newer units.

I have started a Saltwater User website for owner & operatures of side imaging and side scaning sonar equipment:

" "

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Default Re: Side Imaging Sonar

I have the 797 on my 19 footer and fish for stripers in NJ. I like it, and have no complaints. If I had more dash space I would have considered the 997, but it would not have fit, and the cost difference bought some other stuff that i needed. It's a killer unit for trolling.
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how well does the unit side scan at depths in the 100' range? I have heard that these units "wash out" at depths over 20 foot, but I don't know anything about that from personal experience. I'm considering the 798 right now, can't quite shell out for the 997. Will the unit function well in deeper water (again, my max depth is in the 100-150' range). Thanks for any advice/thoughts/suggestions!
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I hav a 797c. the other day I hit a wave and the unit turned "ON" . I wasn't using it. I shut it off. I tried to use it today and all I'm getting for a screen is the sonar, no water temp, gps, or maps. Anybody know whats up with it?
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When I first bought one of my boats, it came with a 957 that did that strange stuff on big waves. I found the installer did not use the connector collector where the cables plug into the back. I ordered one from Humminbird and installed. All my issues went away.
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The Simrad NSE is a world better than Humminbird. If you check the specs online, you will see that it is 20-25 times more powerful than the leading units in pulse ms, the sonar puts out 25ms, while Garmin puts out 4ms, and Furuno puts out only 2,5. The Bandwith is 25khz with Simrad, and only 7Khz with Raymarine, Furuno, and Garmin. The screens are all LED. They are up to 2 times brighter than any other unit, while using less power. They are just incredible and superior in every way.The prices are comparible, or less than the other brands above, but after owning one, I would pay double. I have the 12" and the 8". The structure scan is very accurate, it too, is MUCH more powerful than the Humminbird, marking individual herring in a school of thousands. I have already found a half a dozen sunken boats. I have some screen shots as well that show my cast net falling on top of bait. You can actually see the fins on larger fish. It is dual frequency, so deep water does NOT hinder the performance. It works great up to 35 mph, but best at 10-20 mph. Everything is also lightning fast. This thing won a ton of awards this year.

Email me if you have any questions. Or just request a product information guide from simrad.

I shot this video the other day to answer a few questions. It shows the advantages of not just finding schooling fish, but STAYING on them. I use the Broadband sonar to find the schools on plane, and use the structure scan to STAY on them. In the past, we would leave a "busted" school to find a fresh one. Now I can be much more efficient, by staying on a school longer. After we catch a few fish and "scatter" the school, the structure scan can quickly locate it again by looking 100 feet to the left and 100 feet to the right. If you think that structure scan is only good for finding structure, hopefully this will clear that up.

Hope this helps!

Stay safe on the water and leave a few for me.

Mike Smedley
Team Old School
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that link doesn't work.. try again! Sounds interesting.
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I had the 986si (or something like that) on my last boat. Personally I thought it was a waste of $2800 5 years ago, and wished I had bought Garmin/Ray/Fur.

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