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Garmin 3210 c

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Default Garmin 3210 c

Ok I have done all my research and bought the 3210 c I thought it was "plug and play' so I was going to install myself in a 23 Jones Bros (center console)

I am not real talented but have the XM receiver and sounder module mounted to a piece of starboard with a Blus Seas 6 port connector with fuses and a 10 port buse bar ( I think thats what it is)

I have the transducer mounted the XM radio antenea and will flush mount the GPS antenea on the console dash top

My problem is figuring what to hook to which wires I have looked at the instructions and have not called garmin yet

1 GPS antenea has 8 wires comming from it do i need to "power " the red and black to the blus seas and which wires need to be connected to the display unit cables which have 12 wire of which two are the power red and black

Can I use the buse bar to facilitate connections

2 same question for the sounder box that has 5 wires plus an additional three which are "wrapped" green,white and a metal or unshielded wire

3 same issue with XM which has seven wires from its cable harnes includidg the red and black

After I do this then I iwll attempt to set up VHF to GPS

Sorry to be so stupid maybe i should have had it done but thougt it was plug and play

I think If I get wiring harness figured out I can simlpify this I looked at Bluewater pirates post and get some of it but then I look at this in total and I brain fart ;? ;?
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Default Re: Garmin 3210 c

1. You need to hook up both (+) and (-) on the GPS 17. Make sure use an in-line fuse 1 amp.

GPS 17 yellow to Garmin orange
GPS 17 blue to Garmin green
GPS 17 white to Garmin white
you can terminate the remaining wires on the GPS 17

2. I would suggest getting the GMS10 to hook up the remaining componets. From here it is plug and play.

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Default RE: Garmin 3210 c


Are you sure your up for this?? I'm not trying to be negative here, I promise. But man, if the manuals spell out what your looking for and you don't pick out from them your answers, I'm worried for you.

Do we dare see his electrical set-up for the said equipment? VSR or battery source protection? ;?

This is why the internet can be a great thing. If people can walk this guy through an installation of some $3k worth of equipment......good luck.

Your a good guy for attempting anyway. My hats off-to-u!
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Default RE: Garmin 3210 c

Thanks for the two replys so far

I have the entire bundle including the GMS 10 network port expander

So if it is so easy to just hook up thats what I thought Maybe I need to re read but I have a some time in this and just don't want to mess up
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Default Re: Garmin 3210 c

rmoxley, check your pm's

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