Furuno F/F question

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Default Furuno F/F question

My FCV 600L works great, except that the water temp display in the upper left corner shows this ** instead of the water temp. My transducer has speed and temp.

I could send the unit out and have tested... or the problem may be in the thru-hull transducer. Otherwise, the unit works just fine.

Can someone give me an idea please, if they think my problem is in the unit or transducer before I spend unnecessarly?

Thanks for your input and time.
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Default Re: Furuno F/F question

What transducer?
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Default Re: Furuno F/F question

Fastest and cheapest test is to find someone local with the same install and try your unit on his boat and his on yours.
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Default Re: Furuno F/F question

In my experience most often the problem is a failed temp sensor in the xducer. Capt Adam idea on tesing is the way to go.
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Default RE: Furuno F/F question

Thanks folks. After a little research, my problem may very well be in the tranducer or wiring.

I was hoping that someone had this same problem before and could share their input. Will investigate further this weekend.

Much appreciated.
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