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LATROUT 02-13-2008 07:06 AM

26' Twin Vee Wiring
Thinking of cleaning up the wiring on my 05 26. As it is now there are four batts. One port start one starboard start each with its own perko switch. The distribution pannel is hard wired to another deep cycle battery that isn't even hooked to the perko switch! There is another battery on the other side that is hard wired to an amp and thats it.
Any ideas to clean up this mess. I want to make this safe and reliable. I have room for four batteries so I may keep all four.

Thanks in advance.

Ranger1 02-13-2008 11:35 AM

RE: 26' Twin Vee Wiring
Mine is a 2003 26' that had the batteries installed in those hellholes in the aft hatches. I moved my batteries and perko switches up under the center console like the newer models. I also have 4 batteries, one set dedicated to electronics and the other starting, and with the perko can go to "both" if needed for starting or for charging all batteries.

bluewaterpirate 02-13-2008 12:24 PM

RE: 26' Twin Vee Wiring
You can go two ways with this if you use the BEP Clusters.

1. Twin engines .... 2 starting battery ...... 1 house (BEP 717-100a). The question that has to be answered is what is the deep cycle battery powered ... audio amp?


2. Twin engines, 2 starting batteries, 2 house batteries (you could split your electronincs) (BEP 716-SQ avsr).

Not sure how your currently sourcing out your power to your marine electronics but you could go with one or two Blue Sea Fuse Buses depending on your choice from above.

and then add an inline BlueSea thermal circuit breaker between the BEP Cluster and the Fuse Buse.

There is another way use a Yardina combiner. I'm sure their rep will weigh in shortly. You have a number of options.

It's very simple to remove the Perco Switches and wire them into the BEP Cluster. I did it on my Whaler.

There you go. :thumbsup:

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