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C-120 Ray Tech planner

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Default C-120 Ray Tech planner

Has anybody used the Ray Tech Planner, is it a decent program?
If I purchase a chart reader do I have to purchase the charts with Ray Tech or do they come with the program regardless.
Finally can I interface a laptop with the C-120 , for instance use the laptop for Radar and the C-120 screen for chart reading etc.
One more, can I install topo maps on the laptop for waters without charts and use the GPS for positioning on the maps.
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Default RE: C-120 Ray Tech planner

Let me see if I can get this right. I downloaded a free copy of Raytech RNS planner last year I believe. It's a partially funtional program of the bought version. I'm able to transfer waypoints between my PC and the C-120 using blank Sandisk Cards. Once downloaded to your computer, you install your "purchased" chip card and load it into your PC via the Navionics card reader which I believe you need or it probably comes with the paid version of the software. Once that chart is in your PC, you can make way points on your PC then install a blank Sandisk card and transfer them to that. Then, when you get to the boat you put the card in the slot and transfer them to the display. I don't believe a C-120 is computer compatible. I believe an E- series is. I have read somewhere that other charts work with the software but I can't remember which brand or where you can download them on the net. I use mine from time to time, but now that I have most all the waypoints in that I will probably ever use, I use it much less often. Hope this helps...

p.s. you used to be able to download the free version from Raymarine's website...
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Default Re: C-120 Ray Tech planner

You cannot use RayTech Planner to interface with a C or an E. RayTech Planner is the free (and is still downloadable from the RM site as of last weekend) software that will allow you to do your planning away from your display, and as Brian stated above, you can transfer your waypoints and routes from your computer to your chartplotter using a CF card.

If you buy the full version of RayTech Navigator, you can use your computer (if you have the proper interface) as another display on your boat. I know that's possible for the E as the notebook would connect via the SeaTalk HS (ethernet) bus. I'm not so sure for the C as I believe you would need to connect either via the older SeaTalk or via NMEA 0183. Maybe someone else here can shed some light on connecting a C to RNS.

When you buy RNS, you get the software, AND the Navionics card reader so you can bring your gold or platinum chip home to work with your computer.

If you want to use the free planner software, you can download for free from a number of sites raster charts that you can use from within the planner to do your waypoint plotting.
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