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Default yamaha tach

i posted this in the boaters forum but figured i might get more responses here. i have a 2002 f225 with an analog tachometer. the needle doesn't drop below 1000. it stays at 1000 even when i start it. the normal idle should be around 700 or so, but it still shows 1000. i believe it's accurate once i get over 1000rpm's. top end is showing around 5800 or so, which from what i've read is pretty accurate. with the quietness of the 4 stroke and "extra" noise from wind/waves/music, it would be nice to be able to look at the tach to see if it's running. (i know, i can look at the voltmeter) there must be some type of adjustment for this???
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Default yamaha tach

my tach for 225/4 is obviously wrong - shows idle at 2k and top rpm when WOT goes way past 7k. ever find a fix??

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Default yamaha tach

Are you sure it's your tach, and not your prop?
If I were you I would get it checked out, pronto.
I sure wouldn't be running with an indication of over 7K.
Best of luck....
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Default yamaha tach

Nobody seems to have an answer for your problem so why not scrap the analog tach and get a Yamaha? What does the manufacturer of the analog tach have to say about the problem??
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