Eagle vs. Lowrance

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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

When I bought Yeller, she already had a soundner installed that ideally I would not have purchased. Along the same lines, I have been only using an ancient Garmin GPS 12 handheld unit that dates back from before the Dusky days. Because of space limitations on my console, and because I don't have an overhead electronics box, I came to the conclusion of upgrading to a new sounder/GPS combo unit (yes, I know everyone has their opinions on the pros and cons of single, combo units).

In looking around, both Lowrance & Eagle (made by Lowrance, I think) have new high res combo units for 2004:

Eagle Seacharter 480DF

Lowrance LMS 480DF

I can't find any difference in these two units except the price:
Lowrance $569
Eagle $499

Am I missing something here? Some warranty or customer service difference? Anybody using them or know what might justify the price difference other that name brand?

Danny Adams
2002 21 SeaCraft-200 Merc. Optimax
Parrish Creek MD

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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

No, you're not missing anything. Same marketing philosophy as Johnson/Evinrude, Mercury/Mariner used for years. They all come down the same production line and when it comes time to paint um (engines), or put um in a case (Lowrance/Eagle) they're all the same inside. From a company marketing standpoint Lowrance has historically targeted the Eagle units at the freshwater market while the Lowrance branded units have been aimed at the saltwater market.
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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

There is a small detail difference, the Lowarance has 480 x 480 resolution, with white LED backlite, the Eagle has 480 x 380 resolution with Amber backlite. That's all I could find, worth the differnce in price? Not sure
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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

KevinM, I think that's a typo on the Eagle web page. Other literature I have says the Eagle is 480 X 480 too.
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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

The only major difference between my Eagle SeaFinder 320DF and it's Lowrance counterpart is that the Lowrance has full manual control on the depth ranges where as the Eagle has fixed depth ranges. Was not worth the extra $ for me to have this feature. I suspect something similar to this with the units you mention in your post.

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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

dxr hit the nail right on. The Lowrance and Eagles are the same hardware insides except for the color and maybe other minor packaging differences. What may be different is that the Lowrances might have some features activated in their software that Eagles lack. It costs the company the same to produce the equivilent Eagle/Lowrance units but the Lowrance's cost a few bucks more because of the activated features. This us a common marketing practice on lots of electronics. It is a way for the company to recoup the cost of developing the software that enables the additional functionality but then only charging customers that want it, even though both units have the hardware capable of providing it. So look carefully at exactly what functions the units provide before deciding.
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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

Remember way back when you were given that simplest of formulas: Maximum profit will be achieved when marginal revenue equals marginal cost. Lots of people know this. It could just be that that last increment of revenue is comming from the sales of that lower cost version of the same unit.


A Wise Man Once Said: "That's EXACTLY why I try NOT to read manuals, I start trying all sorts of stupid things and wasting all sorts of time when I read manuals...."
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Default Eagle vs. Lowrance

Main difference is amber backlight vs. white LED backlight.
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