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Default Upgrade to MFD- Garmin, Raymarine or Furuno?

Looking to upgrade my electronics on a Tiara 3600 and going to one of the larger MFD units. This is what I have now:
Garmin 2310 GPS
Furuno 1650 fishfinder/GPS combo
Raymarine R21 old CRT radar

The Garmin display would likely be replaced by the MFD and I'd like to keep the Furuno so I would have a backup fishfinder and GPS.
I bottom fish and troll in the gulf off the FL panhandle.
If I went with Garmin I would likely go with the 3210 rather than the 4 or 5000 series as their added capabilities aren't really what I'd use. I would then likely get a 3205 for up in the tower. How are Garmin's radar and fishfinding capabilities? I have had unbelievably positive experiences with them as far as customer service and am really most comfortable with their products' interface. Garmin only goes up to a 4kw radar and I don't know if that would be enough to find birds with, but unless I get a radar that can spot a lone frigate bird further away than I can see it I don't think that will help me actually find fish offshore.
I've seen a Raymarine E120 on a friend's boat and have never even touched or seen a Furuno Navnet unit so I would like to hear of some real world experience with either of these systems.

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Default Re: Upgrade to MFD- Garmin, Raymarine or Furuno?

I have a Navnet2 with a 4k dome radar and overlay, ff, and GPS navionics software. Plus a Furuno AP. I like it but I would go with camp software so that I could add sirius weather. But I heard that Furuno was going to come out with weather for navionics. I am going to add a second display and may go with cmap on it. Thanks Buzz
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Default Re: Upgrade to MFD- Garmin, Raymarine or Furuno?

If you want the more powerful Radar I would strongly consider Furuno.
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Default Re: Upgrade to MFD- Garmin, Raymarine or Furuno?

i would get the 3210 Garmin because thier gps is the easiest to use...and garmin does have a 6 foot 4kw open array that will overlay on the map.....but i also would upgrade the furuno to the navnet with sounder and radar...

ultimate combo = garmin gps/xm weather/sounder(backup) + furuno radar/sounder/gps(backup)

just my opinion/experience
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Default Re: Upgrade to MFD- Garmin, Raymarine or Furuno?

I have no experience with Garmin at all and only experience with Furuno prior to MFDs. Furuno is top notch stuff, but I have heard the Navnet is trickier to learn and the cartography is so-so. The radar and ff are supposed to be top notch and they offer more choices between the 4KW and 10 KW radar with both 4' and 6' open arrays.

I currently have a networked E Series from Raymarine and love it, vey easy to use and the chartplotter, f/f, and radar (only have 2kw radome - its really all I need in SE FL) are fantastic. The last boat had individual Furuno commercial grade ff and 36 kw monochrome radar - they were fantastic but can not compare to the raymarine - 15 years is huge in technological terms, and I am sure that the new Furuno is just as advanced as the raymarine.

Decide which product offers the best layout for your bridge and your budget -get to an electronics store and play with them all - decide which you like the best goodluck!
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