Simrad AP11 autopilot

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Default Simrad AP11 autopilot

My Simrad give me funny readings from it's internal compass from time to time. Yesterday, it was giving me a heading 20 degrees different from my GPS. This is an intermitant problem and keeps my from using my auto-nav feature (lets me slave the ap to the Northstar gps). Best guess so far is other electronics interfering with the flux gate compass. Anybody?
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Default Simrad AP11 autopilot

I installed my AP-12H this winter. Had to be very careful about the location of the compass. It needs to be at least one meter from any electrical motor.

Have you checked to make sure that your intermittent 20-degree error is due to a motor cycling on & off, like salt water washdown, or pressure water pump kicking on when someone opens a faucet?

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Default Simrad AP11 autopilot

How does your Simrad compass compare with your regular magnetic compass?? They should always track together, but your GPS heading may be quite different than either magnetic device. Your magnetic compasses are telling you the direction that your boat is pointing whereas the GPS is telling you the direction that your boat is moving.

Next time out, put your Simrad in Standby Comp mode and see how that reading compares with your regular compass reading. They should track withing a few degrees all of the time. If your Simrad takes some big 20 degree hits while the regular compass remains stable, than you definitely have interference problems or a defective compass.
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