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Default Waas/Dgps

What in your experience has been more accurate? I currently own a Garmin 2006C
which uses WAAS and I used to own a Raymarine RL70RC radar/charptplotter using DGPS, to this day I still feel my raymarine with dgps was more accurate. I could look 20 feet directly to my left in the intracoastal waterway and notice a marker and the raymarine unit was very accurate whereas the garmin would show piling ahead to my port bow any ideas am I missing an adjustment on the garmin?
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Default Waas/Dgps

This sounds more like a supplied map difference rather than an inherent lack of accuracy between the two units. WAAS is intended to be more accurate and I have found this to be true on my Lowrance LX16Ci unit. I had the DGPS and upgraded to WAAS. The difference is very minor.

Mike M

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Default Waas/Dgps

Zoom-in & move the cursor over the marker and compair the Lat/Lon to check map and boat current position.
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Default Waas/Dgps

I have the 2006c with the SE Florida blue-chart chip, which I presume is the same as yours. I have also noticed a slight skew in the blue-chart details. This has nothing to do with the GPS accuracy, but shows up when traveling through canals, waterways, etc.

I have noticed that the chart data seems to be offset slightly to the Northeast. When traveling through Tavernier Creek in Key Largo, which has lots of turns but basically goes from NW to SE, my GPS track always shows me touching or very close to the NE-mangrove tips. I would estimate this skew to be about 3 to 5 yards and happens consistently, so I don't believe it has anything to do with GPS readings.

I have never discussed the problem with Garmin since I don't really find it to be a problem for me. I also do not believe that the user has any control over adjusting a fixed map offset. However, if you call Garmin, please let me know what they tell you.
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Default Waas/Dgps

I'm not sure about the statement, "WAAS is intended to be more accurate" that may or may not be true. I do know that WAAS was designed for aircraft and DGPS for land/water.

My experience has been same as yours. My Furuno DGPS is more accurate than my WAAS units. But that also might be a function of how each GPS is lining up on the satellites (in what order).

"Snow Goose", John Jensen
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Default Waas/Dgps

The lat long #s on my 2006C and my GP36-dgps read identical 99% of the time here on the west coast,but I think Ive read wass is a little more accurate here on this coast,only here say may be BS.JMO

Tim,25'Skipjack FB Diesel
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Default Waas/Dgps

On most recreational GPS units one is really splitting hairs based on the display precision of the equipment.

Both are certainly developed for different environments and using either out of context could certainly make a difference under the wrong environment.

Depending on the location/circumstances the difference is probably more in the chart than in any real (noticeable) difference between WAAS and dGPS.

Cheers, Kerry.

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Default Waas/Dgps

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Default Waas/Dgps

ditto on the blue-chart being the issue, not ncessarily waas. at least that's been case in the florida keys, where unit shows, for example, i am well on jetties or dry land instead of the channel or dock.

but everywhere else it's been just fine (miami, florida bay, flamingo)
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Default Waas/Dgps

I have not installed the dgps 53 yet I have 30 days to return it to boat US. I will be getting the latest blue chart upgraded Feb/03 my chart was dated Dec/01. maybe this will fix my accuracy problem if not I will try the dgps ant. I contacted Garmin and was told I need to disconect the waas antenna before connecting the dgps53
I will post my findings. Also garmin has a 50% discount when you turn-in your old map.
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Default Waas/Dgps

I saw the same thing last week. I was in and out of a couple of narrow canals and on my plotter the canals were a few yards to the south of my location. I'm wondering if this is the charts or perhaps some sort of correction that I may not have turned on. I saw some settings in the menu's for two types of correction but did not mess with them at the time. On the canal near my dock it's perfect. Not sure but it sounds like the cartography may be slightly off.
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Default Waas/Dgps

Here is the accuracy of the three types of gps according to Furuno. I have the 1850 wdf and it picks the one with the most accurate fix automatically. It always picks DGPS. By the way the new screens on the Furunos are wonderful.

GPS position accuracy of approximately 10 meters, 95% of the time
WAAS position accuracy of approximately 3 meters, 95% of the time
DGPS position accuracy of approximately 2 meters, 95% of the time
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