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Default ray 54 and gps

Has anyone ever had this to happen? Turn on my radio and everythings okay, about three minutes later it beeps and shows up on the screen DSC not enabled Position data unavailable. For some reason it quits aquiring the gps signal. But the chartplotter (e-80) never looses it. I can turn it off then back on and it will be fine for a few minutes again, then same thing. Anybody have any ideas while i wait on ray tech support to e-mail me back?
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Default Re: ray 54 and gps

Check the NMEA connection, also on ray 54 display it should say if GPS is connected or not.

If I don't turn on the GPS while the ray54 is on, it usually takes a few minutes for the radio to stop looking for NMEA signal and tell you it cannot acquire position, then give you the warning Beeps.

Also for some reason, on my buddy's boat, the order you turn electronics on matters, he has to turn GPS on first then radio for the DSC to acquire position. I can't remember what brand radio he has though.

I would say you have a NMEA connection problem.
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