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Default GW 205 Electronics Upgrade Complete...

I've completed my electronics upgrade....

Before: (Garmin 320c FF, Garmin 182 GPS, ICOM 302)

I wasn't happy trying to read a screen mounted high on the dash and one mounted low. Also, the 302 will not transmit position requests (DSC) back to the plotter so it had to go.

I struggled with the decision to go with a Garmin 3206 or 498. Was the extra 1.4" really worth $800? The 182 had a GSD 20 sounder attached to it, so I didn't need the full bundle. (I have Sirius audio, andsince it is a 20' boat so I'm not going too far...WX radar would be overkill). In the end, I saved my $$$ and bought the 498 from Jim at BOE. I also replaced the VHF with an ICOM 422 ($179 from West Marine during their 10% off electronics sale) and a Shakespeare 8700 (West Marine's version of the 5225) for $68 (20% off right now + a $25 coupon.)

The VHF was the most complicated of the installs. I had to have a panel made to cover the sloppy cutting of the hole. Thanks to FinAddict Marine who has the matching GW starboard color. They charged me 1/4 of what the last guy charged me to make a panel and I had it in 4 days. Definitely recommend them.

I had 4 holes left on top of the dash from the FF bracket. Additionally, the installer appeared to have used 5200 around the holes. By the time I got the bracket off, some of the gelcoat went with it. FinAddict is making me another panel but in the meantime, by mounting the GPS antenna and moving the Sirius antenna out from under the console, I was able to cover up the holes. (Don't worry, they will be filled in. Right now they are siliconed up and the antennae are mounted with outdoor 3M tape.) Ended up coming out like this:

Wiring access in this boat is not too bad. The panel inside the console is held in place with 4 screws - although the fuse block is mounted at the top of it and there is very little slack in the wiring. In my case it was more of a repositioning job with the panel to gain access to the wiring. I also removed the drawer assembly (8 screws) and was able to work from the front.

The 498 uses a different mounting bracket from the 182 and I was forced to drill 2 new holes. Its not a great design in my opinion, and I will likely flush mount the 498 at some point in the near future.

Everything is connected to each other (NMEA/DSC in both directions)& I used one of the existing transducers. I disconnected the GSD-20, but have not removed it at this point. After cleaning everything up, tiding up the wiring, etc...the finished product looks like this:

The best news is all the old stuff sold quickly on eBay
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Default Re: GW 205 Electronics Upgrade Complete...

very, very clean...nice faceplate match on the VHF...have a few of those myself from older stuff......and thanks for the pics...we need more people posting projects WITH PICS!!!
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Default RE: GW 205 Electronics Upgrade Complete...

Great job!
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