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Default VHF Cable Antenna Connection

O'kay...........I need to make a new VHF cable connection to my ICOM VHF. Last time I soldered it and it did not work very well, I found myself playing with the cable to get good reception. I know that they sell these instant perfect connectors, but I honestly never had a good result with them either. So, can anyone with a great grasp of this sorta install - give me a step by step. I did a search and found nothing.
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Default RE: VHF Cable Antenna Connection

Solder connectors are still the best. Try this sitefor solder type.

For the solderless, go here.
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Default Re: VHF Cable Antenna Connection

I asked the same question last good feedback on the solderless "Centerpin" by Shakespeare, and went that route. I haven't had the boat out yet since I installed the new antenna, but I can get 4 NOAA weather channels now...before I got 2.

Its easy to install....just follow the instructions and go slow. Even taking your time, its a 5 minute job start to finish.
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