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Default battery banks/charger

we currently have an OEM battery charger connected to (2) 8D batteries (starting batts for the diesels) and a Group27 battery (startting for genset). we are replacing them almost every other year. the boat is only used 6 mos. the batteries are disconnected and left in the boat during 6mos winter storage

should the batteries last longer? is the charger killing them? or storilng in the boat with no trickle all winter?

can or should a single charger be used to charge 3 banks of two sizes? all 3 batts are lead flood type but obviously the group 27 is much smaller than the 8Ds.
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Default RE: battery banks/charger

I would leave the charger on them all year. Batteries can be be damaged by letting the charge fall to low.
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Default Re: battery banks/charger

WalMart has nice little 3A/Float automatic chargers under the Black and Decker label (look to be made by Vector) for about $18. I'd try those next winter.
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