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Default Lowrance 337 or 339

I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who uses either of the 2 models that would like to share the settings they have found to work the best for locating fish. I read through the manual and tried playing around with the settings but just can't seem to find the right settings that work the best (ping speed, scroll speed, etc.)

Thanks in advance.
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Default RE: Lowrance 337 or 339

I have the 339, and would be interested as well.

Off the top of my head I can't remember ping speed and scroll speed. But I seem to have the best results with Noise Filter on high, surface claritiy on high, and auto sensitivity off.

You may try dropping a chum bag under the transducer and adjusting with the settings until they give you a clear image of the bag on the bottom.
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Default Re: Lowrance 337 or 339

For trolling speeds all Lowrance and Eagle fishfinders I have used works best with the following setting:

Nose filter (ASP): low
Surface clarity: off or low
Ping rate: 100%
Scroll speed: max

I usually run with manual depth range and manual sensitivity adjustment.

When using standard Lowrance ducers, typically a sensitivity of about 90% will work fine downto 100'.

I have been using the same settings in both fresh and salt waters for a lot of different instruments ranging from old 75W Eagles to new 600W LCXs.

For higher speeds the Noise filter (ASP) will hve to be increased, for larger depths of course the sensitivity should be increased.
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