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Default 97'Contender 31 Gas Sending Unit/Design flaw?

I have a 1997 Contender that I have been restoring. As it turns out the Center tank (3-tanks), has a problem with the sending unit. My gauge does not show any level - it just blinks - as if empty even when full. Called a guy that was recommended to me and he said " call contender - if yur lucky yull get somebody to talk to and maybe even luckier to get the drawing as to where it is situated on the boat - this way I can cut a hatchhole right where the unit is." "Otherwise I gotta take up the rocketlauncher, the deck and then recaulk."

If this is accurate - why would such a darn good boat building Co., have such a design flaw?

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Default RE: 97'Contender 31 Gas Sending Unit/Design flaw?

Forget the gauge. They are impossible to maintain. Get a Flo-Scan or the Yamaha version of a fuel monitor. On my 2000 Contender 25 you have to take out the leaning post and the center console to get full access to the center tank. Partial access is possible but no fun to work with. Don't forget to put backing plates under your leaning post bases cause Contender didn't. I love the boat but they sure didn't think out some issues very well. Good Luck with the refurb.
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