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Default Ipod help

Can anyone recommend an ipod or MP 3 player for my boat. I would like to stop using the CD player. I don't know a thing about these units so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Default Re: Ipod help

I use my ipod all the time. I have a jbl stereo which has an AUX input. works great. As for the MP3 playing ipod is easy to use and itunes is easy to work. I suggest you go to the apple website and download itunes(free). The ipod can be connected to any stereo which has an aux input. On mine its in the back, newer ones it's a i jack connection. easy
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Default Re: Ipod help

Thank you, any recommendations for a specific ipod?.
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Default Re: Ipod help

a 30 g video ipod - plenty of room for expansion - $232 or so off ebay...If you're just into occaisional misic and only want 500 songs or so, a Nano will work fine....

make sure you have an "aux in" on your head unit or use a fm modulator like an "iTrip"...- sound off an "aux in" is a bit better and never subject to interference....

get a case from - I like the "showcase" model
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Default Re: Ipod help

The fm modulator's are a poor alternative for listening to your ipod. Check the back of your stereo unit and see if it has the red and white input jacks, If it does you are in luck. You can purchase a waterproof ipod jack, at any west marine, that can be installed in minutes into your dash or radio box. The ipod jacks cost about $10 and plug into the aux inputs on the stereo. If you don't have the inputs on your stereo model seek out a stereo that has them. There is a huge selection of marine stereos available in all price ranges. Check on ebay they usually have factory refurbished units at a fraction of the cost of a new and these have factory warranty. Check the Apple store in your local mall and see if they have refurbished ipod units available. They just replaced my 30g with a refurb for around $120. As mentioned above, get at least the 30g ipod. You will be amazed at how many songs you will want to download once you get started.
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Default Re: Ipod help

agreed that the fm modulator is a bad alternative, especially in areas where all the radio stations broadcast in the range for those modulators (usually 88.1-88.9 and 107.1-107.9) there are some days when i can't even listen to my ipod while in my car because of this problem.

if you're going to spend the $300 for an ipod, you might as well get a decent stereo with the proper connection to play it when you want.

also, while it is pretty easy to rip (copy) cd's and download songs, you shouldn't underestimate the time it will take to get 5000 (or more) songs loaded. i have filled up my 30g ipod but it took a while to do it simply because i couldn't devote the time needed to rip my cd's (i have 400-500 of them). downloading from itunes is convenient but it's almost too convenient...i found that when i started downloading from there, i really wouldn't pay attention to how many songs i was selecting -- just keep clicking and before you know it you've got a bill for $80.

i highly recommend the cases from speck products. i bought a "tough skin" from them and it's awesome. i've dropped my ipod a couple times onto concrete and not sustained any damage because of the case. check them out here --->
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Default Re: Ipod help

Blow off the idea of an iPod unless you haven’t gotten past your teenage years. And almost any other MP3 player is better and costs less.

I snagged a little 8gb Zen player a few weeks ago. Made by Creative Labs, the folks that designed the interface on the iPod that iApple proceeded to mess up. My Zen player cost less than a 4gb iPod and sound 3-times better. It also has a decent FM tuner built in, tho no station presets in the little tiny Zen V Plus.

If you are a teenager, get an iPod because all of your friends have them. If you want 3rd party docking station crap (heavy emphases on “crap”), get an iPod. If you want an intuitive, easy to use MP3 player, get a Zen. If you want quality sound, get a Zen. If you want to watch quality video, get a Zen (tho I have no idea why anyone would actually watch video on one of those little things).

If you read the online user reviews you will see consistently that people dump their iPods on Ebay for 2 reasons, (1) the navigating software is too cumbersome, and (2) the quality of sound on an iPod is crap-ola. Fwiw, you aren’t going to know you are listing to a crappy sounding iPod until you put a crappy iPod next to anything else and compare them side by side. Do that and your iPod will be up on Ebay, too.

If your MP3 player dumps on you, you are going to wish you had an iPod because iApple has great customer service. From what I have read, customer service does not get any worse than it does with Creative Labs. When the Zen first appeared folks with warranty issues had to wait for months to get their units fixed. Don’t know where Creative is today with their customer service.

This past week I had a couple visitor staying with me. They brought their iPods with them. After playing around with the Zen both of them went out and bought themselves a Zen MP3 player, will be dumping their iPods. Neither of them looked at the Zen instruction book. They just grabbed the Zen and started navigating and using it. I have yet to read the instructions, tho will need to if I ever want to use it for video stuff. Hell of a lot better screen than an iPod, too. Did I mention that a Zen costs less than an iPod?

Go out and get your hands on a Zen, play with it, and you won’t waste anymore time on the ‘what MP3 player to buy’ issue.
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Default Re: Ipod help

Thanks to all who responded. My marina installed the water proof jack on the dash which goes into the JBL stereo. Eyeball I wish I was a teenager again, but the truth is I' am not, and I don't know anything about this new age music equipment. The only thing I do know for sure is that I don't want to keep going to the cabin on offshore trips to change the CD. I just want to hear a couple hours of uninterrupted music. I will check out the Zen also. Does the Zen also work off the dash mounted jack?. I don't believe I need an FM modulator since the jack goes into the stereo.
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