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Default 498 Updates

I just purchased a 498 and I see on the Garmin website that there are a couple of software updates available for downloading. I use a Mac and Garmin doesn't support Macs. Even if they did, $63 is too much for a cable. Does anyone know if the updates contain any important info?
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Default RE: 498 Updates

Yes they are ... they fix many of the known software bugs and add additional capabilities. Here ya go these will tell you exactly what they do.

This will inspire you to go see .......

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Default RE: 498 Updates

Got Macs and a 498. To tell you the truth, after scoping it out, I just gave up and used this old typical POS Winblowz box I keep in a closet, running 98SE, for just such occasions. It can be done on the Mac, I think, but is it worth it?

First, there is NO s/w to do it Mac native, so you need to run Virtual PC or other emulator (doing it in native Linux, I don't know if there is software.) If you have old Mac, the cable is easier to cluge from a PC nine pin serial to a (old) Mac mini-DIN 8 than to USB. Either way, you need such an adapter. At that point, it should work, and I have heard that it does. (Virtual PC does not replicate all terminals of a PC serial port, but it is said to replicate those needed for the transfer of the Garmin s/w.)

As I said, after scoping, I broke down and used the POS.

And yes, what Tom said, the updates are worth it, esp. if you have the earliest firmware, as I did. # of bugs/anomalies fixed.
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