Electronics help??

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Default Electronics help??

I pick up the new 257 Advance on Wednesday the 25th of April!!!! The Boat has a flush mounting kit for the electronics. The area is 9 inches tall by 24 inches long.
I would like to get a MDF that includes Radar, Sounder (Bottom machine), Chatrplotter all in a single display.

Q1 -- Who out there has this boat and what electronics will fit in the area provided?
Q2 -- What electronics (brand and model) do you all recommend?
Q3 -- Transducer, thru hull, transom mount?? (There are twin 150's)
Q4 -- I want to be able to "network" all this stuff.

It does have a electronic box mounted above the console, so that is where I will be putting the VHF.

Q5 -- Antenna for the VHF?

There are so many products out there, I only want to have to do this ONE time. Know what I mean? Any photos of you set-ups will help as well. I have read, and read, this forum, thanks for having this place!
Thanks in advance,
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Default Re: Electronics help??

37 views and no advice out there? Common fellas, I have been hearing raymarine c-80 is a good machine? Comments?
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Default Re: Electronics help??

Jim - Welcome to THT

The 3 top choices for MFD are (in no particular order) Raymarine, Furuno & Garmin

If you do a search (see button on blue bar at top) you will see lots of info on all 3

I will offer the following:

Q1 - Never heard of the boat - no help

Q2 - Look at the 3 recommended above and choose the one that you like the best and/or the biggest that fits your console

Q3 - Thru hull will offer the best performance. More expensive, can be an obstacle if operating in shallow water or trailering. Transom mount offers less performance but can be better in shallow areas. There is also shoot-thru if the bottom of the boat is solid (not cored)

Q4 - With only 1 display, there is nothing to network. All 3 brands offer Weather receivers which can be connected if that is what you consider networking

Q5 - 8' Digital brand or Shakespeare Galaxy

There are several board vendors that offer great pricing & will help you choose. See the vendor area

Congrats on the new boat

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Default RE: Electronics help??

With 9" as a height constraint you should look to Garmin. The Raymarine C and E 80 would fit but they are only 8" displays. The C and E 120's are too big. You can do a Garmin 3210 10"display. Even the Furuno 10.4" display is too tall.
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Default Re: Electronics help??

Go with raymarine e- 80 great product for all around unit.
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Default Re: Electronics help??

If the Garmin 3210 will fit, you can find some great deals around now that the newer models are being marketed.
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Default Re: Electronics help??

Thanks for the responses, keep 'em comming guys.

I really want opinions on this.

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Default RE: Electronics help??

A few thoughts. First, all 3 recommended are good, but my preference for 15 years has been garmin (and I add a garmin even if I have raymarine electronics). that brings up the second thought. I NEVER trust my outings to just 1 integrated system. I ALWAYS have a 2nd or redundant system. Plus, if its night, fog or reduced visibility I do not want the distraction of switching between radar and chartplotter. Yes, they all come with split screens etc, but that also makes the viewable area for both much smaller and harder (in my opinion) to see. So I ALWAYS keep radar separate from chartplotter (or add a chartplotter if the radar is a combination unit). Its just me maybe but thats what I do an why. So for you, I would have a radar display, then maybe a combo chartplotter/fishfinder unit (and if you have the money the radar can be combo with chartplotter). OK, call me crazy (and yes its expensive). the other solution to a back up unit is a portable - like the garmin 276/376/476 series as examples. Just more food for thought
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