Stereo Trouble

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Default Stereo Trouble

I recently had my boat in for some work (t-top installation). While it was there, it apparently sat without a cover some of the time. My stereo had the faceplace removed and has no cover over it. I had a bad feeling when it came back. I test it yesterday and it didn't work at all at first. It then came on 1x after I unplugged the connector in the back and replugged it. The screen was all messed up. I removed the faceplate and put it back on, it didn't work anymore. Tonight I tried it again (more time to dry out). It didn't work so I tried the faceplate on and off a few times and it didn't work. Unplugged the connector in the back and it would come on and then off with a garbled screen. Finally after quite a few times, it came on with a good screen and pretty good sound. It doesn't work completely (balance doesn't change the balance and fade doesn't change the fade). There is also a little static noise when the volume is turned down to 0.


I am thinking of using it like this until it stops working all together. It has all fuses installed and I checked them today, they're good. Do you think there is a chance of this thing frying and burning my boat down or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new one. I can't fit one of those covers on a new one without some work. When the boatyard installed it originally, they put it too close to the edge of the dash. There is a bullnose around the dash and there isn't enough room to put a cover.

1. Go without and cover the hole (just got a new t-top - wife isn't too keen on more $)
2. Use this one till it dies (is there any danger involved here?)
3. Buy a new one - Completely waterproof and install in the existing hole. ($$$)
4. Buy a cheap one and put a cover but fill the hole with starboard and cut a new one. (more work)

What do you think?
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Default Re: Stereo Trouble

If its not a big deal to take the unit off the boat I would disconnect it from the power and let it dry out for a week in the house and then try hooking it back up. Temporarily cover the dash with duct tape.
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I've actually got my console cover out for refitting right now. I "duct taped" a piece of plastic bag over it for the time being. I had fears of this happening and was going to pull it out when the boat went for the work. Oh well...As long as I don't burn the boat down, I can still listen to the radio. The volume doesn't decrease from about 10 to 0 either. It just stays the same and then cuts out a 0.

I might try some contact cleaner on the plug and letting it dry out like you say.

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Default Re: Stereo Trouble

I'd say you were looking at a new one.

For any exposed location (like a CC) I only use polyplanar.

Covering it with a bag is likely to make things worse- you are just trapping the moisture.
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Default Re: Stereo Trouble

replace it with a Clarion, Poly planar or a Aquatic - the three right now that are corrosion & waterproof when installed correctly. The Clarion CMD4 is the best bang for the buck at $250 bucks or so....... the poly is $280 and the Aquatic is 350....check all these prices at mike's site:
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