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Default Sea-Key

Hello. I recently purchased a 46 foot 1977 Bertram Motor Yacht. I will be renovating it a lot and would like to protect my investment. I am considering a boat security system, namely Sea-Key. I understand they have a version 2 out now. Anyway, could anyone who has one or knows about these units please provide me with information and your opinion. I want to make sure it's worth getting. Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at as well. Also, if you know any better products, let me know.

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Default Re: Sea-Key

When I checked about activating the sea-key that came already installed in our boat it was somewhere around a THOUSAND just to activate the service and then had a monthly fee on top of that. Don't recall exactly, but I think it was fifty per month for the monitoring. Depends on a lot of factors as to whether you want to spend that sort of money on it. I could but didn't, I'm sick of the 'death of a thousand cuts' these shysters want to gouge for every little "service".
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Yes, I hear what you're saying. I was thinking of getting an after-market installation done on mine, and I'm glad you provided this pricing information. My other question is how well it works, if you actually activated it after. This question is obviously open to anyone. Thanks for your help in advance.
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Default Re: Sea-Key

Call Seakey and ask or
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Default Re: Sea-Key

I had it and took it off my boat as it was a current drain I did not like. I think there are better, cheaper security systems out there. However, it does offer a nice feature if you are wet slipped. It will call you if the water level in your bilge is excessive or if your batts are low. If I was 300 miles away and my boat was in the water at all times, seakey would be a great feature.
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