autopilot on cat hull questions...

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Default autopilot on cat hull questions...

Fishing buddy has a new TwinVee and wants to install an A/P. He's familiar with the Raymarine installed on my boat and may go that route. Has already installed the C120. This boat has twin 140 Susuki's and equiped w/hydraulic steering from Seastar i believe. My question, does he need two "rudder indicator's" (one for each motor)????? Or just one attached to the most convenient set up?
Having no luck with a forum or web search. What ever brand he uses, whats the correct way to install the indicator? Each motor has it's own hyd. ram and is not connected with a tie rod. There's quite a distance between the two motors. If only one rudder indicator was all that was needed, which style does he choose? Can anyone provide some pics of their set up??? Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: autopilot on cat hull questions...

If you go with a pilot that needs a feedback, you would go with a linear feedback (I made the assumption the boat has O/B's like every other TwinVee I have seen), and you would only need one, and the installer would mount it to either cylinder.
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Default Re: autopilot on cat hull questions...

don't even think about a linear feedback - every good electronics installer is using RM's potted (epoxy) rotary unit with a bracket if you have to have RM. Better yet, do away with the transducer altogether and buy a Simrad or Garmin TR-1...which use NO rudder feedback. Do a search for "autopilot" here and read for'll see why linear feedback is dead in the biz....
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Default Re: autopilot on cat hull questions...

Thanks guys for the help. Yes.... the motors are 140 susuki's as i mentioned in my post. I see that Raymarine offers a couple different A/P setups (pumps, fluxgate compass & rudder indicators).The one i have installed on my boat mounts to the front of the hyd. ram and i believe it's linear. It's an older unit but they still make this setup. I've had it for 7+ years and no issues ever so for me it's been highly reliable.
If he were to use raymarine what setup would be best for his Twinvee cat hull??? and does anyone have any photos for reference???
Not familiar with the RM rotary unit... is this a rudder indicator or does it steer the motors?
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Default Re: autopilot on cat hull questions...

The 'rotary' unit is a Rudder Feedback- a sensor that sensors the rudder position (or in this case the outboard position). it comes in three styles- the Linear feedback sensor:

(like yours- a telescoping tube) and the Rotary Sensor, which is an adaptation of the one usually used on inboard rudders:

and there is a Teleflex brand unit that can be adapted, but IMX, really doesn't hold up.

The best way to go, IMO, is the Rotary unit, which is NOT the standard rotary unit shown in the link, but a specially sealed unit with adapter brackets that allow it to be mounted to an outboard steering ram.

If he does have the Teleflex/Seastar steering, he'll have to go with the rotary unit anyway- the newer seastar cylinder rotates freely as the ram plays, and will wreck a linear in short oder.
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