Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

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Default Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

All this talk of the pro's and con's of units with and without rudder feedback units and such has me wondering. Given that the AP I will install is on a boat that will have any rudder feedback unit in a relatively dry and protected area, what is the best AP unit to buy? I will have a Ray C-120 as my FF/Chartplotter...
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Default Re: Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

best is very subjective most features? best price? best perfomrance? if you are just buying one to go from point a to point b at cruise - all of them will work.....

with a single inboard diesel it's not so important to have a no rudder feed back system as the rudder transducer is protected down below and out of the elements. You can choose anything you want and it will interface with your 120. That being said, the AP software is better on Simrads and TR-1/Garmin's, than others....IMO
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Default Re: Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

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Default Re: Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

Do APs have to have hydraulic steering to work?
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Default Re: Autopilot for a single inboard diesel

I have a 21 foot single diesel boat with a Simrad AP-14 mechanical which works just great, hydraulics for a larger boat would make sence though.
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