VSR and Yamaha BIC

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Default VSR and Yamaha BIC

Battery isolator cable that is.


2006 Yamaha 150 four stroke


1. Start
2. House/trolling motor battery
3. Dedicated trolling motor battery

External charger:

2 bank MinnKota that takes care of #2 and #3,

Motor takes care of charging #1 and #2 through an old style selector switch. I just bought BEP 716-100A to replace the old 1, 2, both selector switch.

Here is the problem, there is alway a battery without charging, if I'm out on the water I can charge 1 and 2, if I remember to switch the selector, (that's the reason I like the 716 no worries), if I'm connected to shore power my #1 battery does not get charged at all.

The first idea was to make (#2)house/trolling and (#3) dedicated trolling motor battery a one big 12V battery bank since its combined at the socket to be 24V and the theory behind it was that the Yamaha isolator cable or BEP716-100A would charge the start battery first and then start taking care of the big two-battery bank, if I use the 716 I guess I cannot use the Yamaha cable in this scenario.

Second idea is to have the 716 take care of the (#1) start and (#2) house/troll batteries and have the Yamaha BIC take care of the dedicated trolling battery only, since it is totally isolated from the rest of the electrical system I think it might work.

Has anybody done anything like this and is it possible to do it.

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