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Default Furuno 1621 Mark-II Radar

I have a Furuno 1621 Mark II, 16-mile radar that was damaged when the raydome struck an overhead. The plastic dome/housing is gone but the only visable internal damage is the flimsy aluminum sweep/array is twisted-up bad. I can't imagine tossing the unit as the display monitor and wiring harness alone sells for a fair amount used. Prior to mishap the radar functioned perfectly so would prefer to repair and keep as a back-up or possibly sell. Perhaps a machine shop that deals with aluminum fab could construct a new sweep. Anyone cross this path? Btw: Yes, Furuno says that even though the damage is minimal to go buy a new unit as they won't repair. Imagine that. Thanks! Mike
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Default Re: Furuno 1621 Mark-II Radar

Furuno probably wouldn't want to get into it becuase it could also involve the waveguide, magnetron, MIC, TX board, IR board, Motor, and Chasis. Taking it apart, figuring out whats needs replacing and replacing it might cost more than just buying a new one, and would leave you with a questionable unit there after- if they don't replace the Mag, and it goes bad six months down the road, would you expect them to warrenty it, knowing the unit took a hit?

You may get lucky at a local Marine Electronics Servicing Dealer, but they might turn it away as well.
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