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6000i question

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Default 6000i question

Every year after my boat is off all winter and I start up my electronics I loose all my waypoints that I have from the last season, I though it was something I did but now after the third time I know its not me. I'm guessing that the unit has an internal battery that is defective, am I close with this? Is it something I can purchase and change myself or do I have to ship it too Northstar? Or am I just alltogether wrong? Thanks guys.
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Default Re: 6000i question

If the waypoints are stored on the unit internally, then I would assume when the unit is dosconnected from a power source (ie. for the winter) they would be deleted. I also think there would be an internal battery to prevent this; so maybe there is one that is dead.

Im interested to hear what the probelem is, too.
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Default Re: 6000i question

My old Northstar 952 had an internal battery - but it lasted about 7 years - yours should definitely not be going bad each year - Call Customer Service
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Default Re: 6000i question

When you leave your boat during the season, do you normally completely shut down the power at the battery switches? I assume you are not having the problem except in the spring after a long lay up. I have a 6000i that is sitting on a shelf in my house totally unplugged. I have stored it that way twice before and the stored data and settings were not lost. There is an internal battery but also I believe there is flash memory, which should not require any power. I am wondering if you are somehow inadvertently doing a hard reset when you start up. Do you lose all your settings? Or just the waypoints? The unit also have the capacity to back up the data to a PC, which is a very good idea in any case. It requires a cable that you can fabricate pretty easily or buy ready made.

My only observation about warranty repairs is that I sent my unit back to Northstar over the winter after the first season to fix some issues and they sent it back to me with a loose connection that caused it to shutdown and reboot every few minutes in rough seas (not fun if the unit is being used to give steering data to an autopilot). Fortunately my boat dealer is authorized Northstar service site and he was able to fix it in about 20 minutes. So be warned. Northstar is not the same high quality outfit it was before the sale to Brunswick and subsequent spin off to Navman. Their prior reputation may no longer be relevant.
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Default Re: 6000i question

My unit did something similar- It was erasing waypoints- the software only allows a certain # of named waypoints internally- You have to start naming your waypoints- I went back a renamed mine and it was ok after that- Pretty sh!ty software if you ask me- Was it erasing routes as well ? I shut my batteries off every trip and have not lost data because of power... YET- the unit ifs far from the workhorse 952 I had...
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Default Re: 6000i question

I shut down the batteries after everytime the boat is used so there is times when it sits for a week and doesn't loose anything. As far as I can tell I only lost the waypoints, I will be down at the boat tomorrow and check into it further but in the past all my settings stayed but waypoints were all gone. Theres nothing I do differently when I start the unit in the spring then every other time I turn it on. I have emailed Northstar but got no responce, I will call them after I have a chance to mess around a bit with the machine so I can answer some questions they will have for me.

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