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Two chartplotters/One black box

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Default Two chartplotters/One black box

I've got a Garmin 182 and just got a Garmin 2006C. I got this statement off the Boatersworld site about the Gsd-21

Note, the dual chartplotter interface that the GSD 20 offered, will not be supported in the GSD 21 because now that Garmin Marine has a network system this feature is no longer needed in the GSD 21.

Does this mean I can use both of my chartplotters as sounders with the Gsd-20 but not with the Gsd-21? In the instruction booklet on the gsd-20 it shows hooking up two 2006's
and does not show this on the gsd-21....

If this is the case does anyone know how to wire the 182 to the gsd 20?

Any info would be helpful.

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Default Re: Two chartplotters/One black box

That statement from Boater's World doesn't sound accurate to me. Unlike the GSD-22, the GSD-21 does NOT support the latest Garmin network, but does support the CANet connection. So, saying that the network connections obviate the need for multiple device connections does not ring true for a device without network support.

The installation manual for the GSD-21 clearly shows that it can be connected to multiple display units. Page 3 has diagram captioned "Multiple CANet Unit Connection" and shows how to connect multiple units.

Also on Page 3, Note 2: "The CANet Extention Cable can support a maximum of two display units and one sonar unit."

The connections are going to be more complicated because of the CANet connectors, but you hook it up to two screens. And don't think that by moving up a GSD-22 you will simplify the connections. For the units you have, the same CANet wiring as the GSD-21 is still used.

If you need further help, try contacting Garmin's helpful tech support. You may have to be on hold a a bit if calling during peak times, or send them an email. They respond quickly.

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Default RE: Two chartplotters/One black box

I'm not talking about a gsd21 and gsd22 but a gsd 20 and 21...
This is what Garmin says when asked about using the garmin 182 and 2006 at the same time..

3. The big difference between the GSD20 and the GSD 21 is that the GSD 20
can be used on two units as there are two ports out. The processor speed is
a little faster on the 21, however I would look for a GSD 20 for your

With what I quoted from Boatersworld and from what Garmin e-mailed me I should use the gsd 20...I just wondered if anyone on the board knew anymore about it....I have no need or use for the gsd-22......

The manuals show how you can hook up two of the "same" units at one time, I need to know how to hook up two different units at the same time and operate both units at the same time if I wanted to. I know nothing about CANet and I guess both of these units are pre CANet.

There are some really sharp people on this site and I'm just trying to get some input
in terms I can understand...


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