Electronics for my Scout 235?

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Default Electronics for my Scout 235?

We just moved up from a Scout 185 with a Garmin 168 plotter/sounder to a new Scout 235. The boat is stored for the winter but will be fitted with a custom T-top and electronics box before the next season here in South Jersey. I been looking at electronics and so far have more questions than answers.

Love the boat, but there is limited room on the dash to fit surface-mount electronics. I know that a 7 inch Furuno display will fit well and this was my first choice. I was thinking NavNet (1722C) with radar/sonar/chart plotter all in one. I particularly like the chart plotter and radar overlay function.

I’ve read quite a few posts that seem to indicate the Furuno is great for radar and sonar but performs not-that-well as a chart plotter. Also, it seems that running wires through the tubing, especially for radar, can be difficult.

What do the more experienced of you think? How much GPS ability do I give up with Furuno? Is the wiring really that difficult? I plan to do it myself.

As an alternative I thought about a GPS/sounder (Garmin 2006C and GSD20) in dash with a separate radar mounted in the upper electronics box along with the VHF. Are there significant advantages/disadvantages with this setup? Which would you prefer?

I should mention that the boat is used almost exclusively for fishing and I’d like to run out as far as 20-30 miles, conditions permitting.

One last thing, would a Raymarine HS2 unit have merit? Any other suggestions?

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Default Electronics for my Scout 235?

I dont have radar, but if I was going to get it, I would want it to overlay the chartplotter. Unfortunately there arent many options in that area.

If you dont absolutely need radar, why not get a garmin 2006c with the black box sounder, or maybe get a furuno 582l to go alongside it?

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Default Electronics for my Scout 235?

Not such a bad problem to have, making selections for new electronics.

Let me ask you this about your depth finder choices. If you were looking at stand alone fish finders which would you choose between these two: Garmin 240-Blue or the Furuno 582L? Think about it. That is really the choice you are making here you know.

On the Furuno chartplotting its not a matter of it being any more or less accruate than someone elses GPS, its going to be a matter of screen redraw rate and ease of data entry that is going to make it the less desirable machine. But you are't a guy in a bass boat out there looking for a brush pile or an old tire someone dumped. You use of the chartplotter, and the boat in general, is really more of a straight-line-warrior, you head out to the fishing grounds using the chartplotter, and you come home on it, but you do it such a way that you really don't have full screen redraws very often. So, while when you are out there running and gunning I don't think some of the usual complaints about the Furuno combined units is really all that important. Everyone to their own though and despite what I just said I would, and do, prefer separate devices and I like Garmin better than any other brand.

As for the Raymarine stuff, well, only if you are going for separate units for everything. Raymarine would be a good choice for a Radar and one with GPS overlay would be nice (and not unaffordable these days). I wouldn't be buying anything else from them myself, but its your dime.

There is just this one little thing that is the real difference between going with combined or separate units. If you choose separate units you have the advantage of being able to buy the best of each thing. If you buy a combined unit you will almost guarantee yourself that one aspect of the machine will be great and all the others will be less than the best available. That's not so bad if the segments of the machines that is a bit lacking is not the most important part to you. You said you fish, so the depthfinder and temperature probe are probably a lot more important to you than seeing where you are on the map. See what I mean?


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Default Electronics for my Scout 235?

I think you should look at the Furuno 1722C or Simrad CE33 with the RA 30. These are good units and will fit in your boat. I work closely with a scout dealer in S. Jersey.
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Default Electronics for my Scout 235?

The Navnet system works great, the blackbox sounder is the cat's ass. 30 mph 650 ft doesn't lose bottom using 200khz. The radar works well but a color display is overkill. I have the c-map version and have found the redraw speed adequate. When using the overlay feature, the screen can get pretty cluttered and I find I typically split the screen and display the radar and chart plotter side by side for me theres too much information to absorb at a glance. The small display would be the issue using the radar, chart plotter and tracking bottom. If you have the room the 10 inch display will do all 3 or 2 if you overlay the chart with radar. I would offer this get a mono display for the radar and mount above, get the color for the lower display. With this you assign the displays as desired.
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