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Sk8Surfr 10-07-2020 02:40 PM

Amp - Speaker setup (re-configuring) - bad JL amp
Current set up (as purchased when I got the boat):
2x JL 900/5 amps
4x - 8.8 JL speakers
4x - 7.7 JL speakers

One of my amps is giving me a solid yellow (amber) light. Even when I disconnect all the speakers - still solid yellow.

I was looking at the specs for the amp - and it shows 4 speakers plus a sub - so I'm missing nearly half the capacity of the amp anyways?

Should I spend the $250 and see if JL will repair (and then I guess add two subs) :grin:

Or just get a 400/4 new JL amp for around $500... ?

hatterbee 10-08-2020 05:05 AM

If your cost difference is only 250. Just go new. In my experience with todayís throwaway mentality. Electronics are not built to last many years anymore. You can still get some good repairs made especially if it is something simple but most internal failures are due to multiple component failures or some inconsistencies between components. Itís hard to ensure once the initial problem component is fixed the service center will be able to diagnose and fix the cause of the failure in the first place.

just my opinion. If this happened 15 years ago Iíd say fix it. But not today.

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