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Default Raymarine C120 Screen - Factory Replacement Costs

Has anyone had their C120 Screens replaced by Raymarine and had to pay for it. If so how much did it cost you? I am debating whether or not to go ahead and send my 2 units back for screen replacement and add navprotectors or just remove the sensitive anti-glare and then add the navprotectors. It will be a function of cost though. I called Raymarine and they said send them back but it will cost quite a bit to send them back especially if they are not going to cover them under warranty. They've already replaced the screen on one unit before under warranty.

Also, can anyone (I believe there has been some THTers who have removed the antiglare from their units) advise me of your satisfaction in doing so i.e how did you do it, looks, any glare, will it void warranty, etc. with and without the navprotectors? Based on my experience, I do not believe I am going to be able to keep them scratchless very long.
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Default Re: Raymarine C120 Screen - Factory Replacement Costs

I was told by Raymarine it would be $150.00.

I used the Novus system to remove the coating form mine this fall. The screens looked great but the glare was horrible. I was not able to apply the nav Protector as it was to cold up here. The film and screen need to be warm so that my have helped with the glare.

I decided that I would send the unit back and then be fore I re-install it I would add the nav-protector.

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Default Re: Raymarine C120 Screen - Factory Replacement Costs

I have removed mine and it's fine. I have an E120...
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Default Re: Raymarine C120 Screen - Factory Replacement Costs

Robe -

I would suggest you pay to get the screen fixed and completely virgin...then add the Navprotector..that way when you sell it (and you will sometime) , you can peel off the film and the new owner will have a like new unit. Which will help you sell it. I have done that on my last 3 garmins and they sell on the trading dock here in 24 hours when you advertisie the screen is virgin....

BTW, Gamin tech told me that if I wanted to remove the anti-glare coating, to do it with a microfiber towel and the Windex that has ammonia in it....
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