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jockdoc 06-30-2020 03:27 PM

Oreillys AGM cranking/deep cycle batteries
I am rewiring my 22.8 Seafarer Grady and am replacing my deep cycle and cranking batteries. I have a 2016 250 Yamaha single engine. I'm planning on switching to AGM. I've read through many of the posts regarding Same/Cosco/Batteries Plus and watched a ton of youtube.
Many of the cranking batteries that are discussed on THT forum (especially form Sams)are either deep cycle or dual type. O'reilly markets a cranking battery (superstart) for $150 (MCA 890 RC 120).
I noticed Johnson Controls is now their new manufacturer as of Feb.
Does anyone have any experience with these AGMs?

Thx to all in advance-new to the AGM concept!

jwelk 06-30-2020 03:42 PM

AGM is nice if the batteries are hard to access. Me, I will go with flooded any time you canaccess them. Cranking battery......I go for the cheapest with the engines rated capacity. If they come with a 2 year warranty, replace it at 23 months, 35 for a 3 year. The house bank if well maintained should last 5-6 yrs. A start battery provides a large current for a short period of time. Deep cycle are rated for a 20 hr period. Over 10 hrs you will get something less than the 20 hr rate. e.g. 100 Ah will give you 2.5 amps for 20 hrs. and maybe 7/hr for 6 hrs.

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