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sorroy 09-12-2019 02:51 PM

Yanmar i8325P ECU question
Hello and thanks in advance for some help maybe.
My dad is selling his mainship 2011 with flybridge also
Today the new people who want to buy it meet us with a broker and the inspector
The boat is very nice clean well maintained,we go out on the test drive we start medium speed then full speed for about 1 min then the boat loses like a second off speed then goes into neutral speed buy it self. Had to get towed back lucky we where not to far
when this happened the digital Yanmar box displayed no more readings like temp, speed etc
when I do the diagnostics it s says can t communicate with I2 module (i8325P) ECU and can't give me engine serial number or nothing
I checked the ECU and getting power from the harnest going to the ECU, i opened the ECU I2 module to see if there was a fuse and no fuse inside the box
At this point I think the ECU is dead and needs replacing. Im not a total expert but I have lots of common sense and know enough of electronics and mechanics
ho, and I have a red light beside the key to start the engine that starts flashing then goes solid

Any help would be appreciate :)

PS: I see online that we don't see much of this ECU i8325P

sorroy 09-13-2019 05:20 PM


coastboater 09-14-2019 11:09 AM

You're likely to get more responses asking your question here:

Its a pay site, but worth the cost of admission.
good luck

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