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Simrad NSS-9 Evo 3 and Tr-1 Gladiator

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Default Simrad NSS-9 Evo 3 and Tr-1 Gladiator

I purchased a NSS-9 Evo 3 as an upgrade to my Simrad NSS 8 (Gen 1). Both are connected to an NMEA 2000 network and connected via Ethernet cable. The Simrad NSS-8 connects flawlessly to by Autopilot (Tr-1 Gladiator) via NMEA 1083 and gives me full connectivity (navigate to waypoint etc).

However, using the same Video cable / NMEA 1083 connections, I am unable to connect the TR1 Gladiator to the NSS-9 EVO 3. (No GPS connectivity).

Can anyone please confirm:

(1) that there is no change required to the NMEA 1083 connections between the EVO 3 and the TR-1 Gladiator. (vs the Gen 1 NSS-8 and the TR-1)

(2) can anyone please provide me with the steps and settings that I need to change in the NSS-9 EVO 3 to get GPS connectivity via NMEA 1083.

I can't help but think there is / are setting(s) on the EVO-3 that I am missing to power up the NMEA 0183? Abbor?

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There are a lot of NMEA 183 settings in the Network menu, but if you haven't changed anything the default values should be fine unless the TR-1 pilot requires other sentences than most other pilots.

I remember early NSS Sport units had a different NMEA 183 pinout than what was stated in the installation manual, a single page explaining this was inserted into the manual. It could be you had one of these early units and have to change the wiring to get this to work. Consult the Evo3 installation manual and the TR-1 manual to check if the wiring is correct.
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By default the 183 output is turned off on simrads. There is a check box to turn it on.
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On the Simrad, I had to switch my outgoing NMEA 0183 to “On”, then change the NMEA sentence, and lower the baud rate.
Not sure exactly which settings, but I can check when I get home if that would help.
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Thanks Gents. Didn't get down to the boat this past weekend but would like to verify the 183 settings (and how to turn it on).
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