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Building live well that drains overboard and bubbles


Building live well that drains overboard and bubbles

Old 02-01-2019, 05:43 AM
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Default Building live well that drains overboard and bubbles

Building a kayak type of live well that drains overboard and bubbles at sleeptime

I would like to have a live well made out of a 5 gallon bucket placed on aft deck to keep cigar minnows ,croakers, pinfish ect.

My plan is to use a 800GPH pump this
https://www.amazon.com/Seaflo-Livew...7MJFQVN5N6Y&psc=1&refRID=TAPFXRYZ27MJFQVN5N6Y https://www.amazon.com/Seaflo-Livew...7MJFQVN5N6Y&psc=1&refRID=TAPFXRYZ27MJFQVN5N6Y

to pump in raw water in into bucket this Live Well Aerator Spray
Amazon Amazon

then have a drain a tad lower than inlet using a though hull this
Amazon Amazon

so basically I’m pumping in aerated fresh water from couple inches from top of bucket and draining overboard.

?1. is my 800GPH to much power for a smallish 5 gallon bucket probably 4 gallons inside? Or can my aerator be adjusted to be less forcefull I don’t want to blast the fish w/ to much current. I assume I could momentary the power to pump.

?2. should the drain hole be larger than the inlet hole? I’m thinking it has to be much larger since the drain isn’t pressurized I’d be pumping in more than can be drained then the excess would overflow? I think this is why store bought LWs have 2 pumps 1 for in 1 for out ,There will be a lid however it’s not airtight around lid.

?3. Or will the water drain out as fast as it enters even if both inlet and drain where the same inside diameter?

?4. how much lower should the drain be from the inlet?

?5. even though the fish eat there own poo poo will they require feeding or will they survive a day or two on reeating poop or eating the dead fish?

At night time or sleep time (just a few hours) I was planning to use a battery operated air bubble pump like my fish aquarium has, or do fish need a current to swim against all the time?

Would also expect to be able to transport live sea life on a 8hour drive w/ just the bubbler.

I was actually planning 2 live wells (just in case I catch a bunch of bait) the aft deck 5 gallon and a 22 gallon on deck, would like to start off w/ a 5 gallon bucket and ditch the troll a bait container that stays in raw water.

thanks for advice
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Old 02-02-2019, 01:33 PM
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I can at least answer your pump size question. An 800GPH pump in that installation will actually put out about 600GPH give or take, depending on battery voltage. That's 10 GPM. So it would take 30 seconds to fill a 5 gallon bucket from empty to overflowing. That doesn't sound like an awful lot of water moving around. Though you could probably do with less flow. Try filling a 5 gallon bucket with a water hose and time how long it takes. Throttle the faucet until it takes about 30 seconds. That's how much water you will see moving around in the bucket.

Do you plan to put the pump overboard? I wasn't clear on that part.
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Old 02-02-2019, 06:26 PM
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excellent method of measuring/sizing pumps you suggest.

The raw water pickup tube is a dishwasher water tube so it’s a tad smaller inside diameter ( it’s 5/8”) same as the pumps PU pump is made for 3/4",(the dishwasher water tube has a rubber step upsize to 3/4" connector) so I assume this will restrict the flow a tad even more than the 600 you say,

attach image of the PU tube (I have a screen on the bottom not sean in image) the pump is inside splashwell well above the water level.

I measured the tubes that I think mite work. the inlet will be 5/8" inside diameter another dishwasher tube same as the pickup. the discharge tube inside diameter is twice the size as the inlet at 1 1/8" so I theorize if I gravity drain out twice as much as I pump in then there could not be a overflow.

I assume the longer the tubing the less water flow

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