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looking to buy kayaks for lower keys , I have been told Im better off without pedals , and with a sit inside , im 250lbs have kayaked some , any advice ?
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The decision to pedal or paddle depends on how you will use the boat. Long distance on relatively calm water = pedal. White water = paddle. Pedal power is much more expensive. Also will you be touring or fishing? I recommend you buy a used paddle boat that seems to meet your needs. Use it a while and see what you think. You can always sell it and upgrade.

FWIW, I have one of each and fish from each of them. All fresh water for me.
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I kayak fish a LOT, but not in the keys, I do fish quite a bit of skinny water up here in the panhandle. I have always been a Hobie guy, so I might be a little bit biased, but the new kayaks they are making with the kick-up fins are a game changer for shallow water fishing. If you want to fish, IMO opinion you should go the pedal route, yes it costs more but the ability to move yourself hands free comes in handy when fighting big fish. Also, you want a sit ON kayak, not a sit IN, sit on kayaks are much safer and will not fill with water (when used properly, keep your hatches CLOSED). I currently have a 2020 and 2021 Outback, I stand and fish, I go offshore, I comfortably fish the flats....this kayak will do it all!
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Hobie Pro Angler 14 with 180 drive NOT 360 drive too many problems. 2020 or newer has kick up fins.
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Paddle or Pedal?
Pedal kayaks come with a higher price tag, one that might not be worth it to everyone. So, should you go with a pedal or a paddle when kayak fishing?

Pedal Pros
  • Speed – If getting to your “honey hole” quickly on the weekend or after work is important, you’ll be able to cut across a lot more distance in less time than paddling.
  • Hands-Free Control – Managing the position of your kayak is one of the most difficult parts of fishing from a kayak. Pedal systems give an insane amount of control with your legs, freeing up both hands. You’re also using your legs, saving arm strength for fishing.
Pedal Cons
  • Underwater Clearance – This isn’t as much of an issue with larger bodies of water like lakes, but mountain rivers like the French Broad change depth quickly and often. If you’re familiar with your path, you can flip your fins or pull your drive up.
  • Cargo Space – The center deck of your kayak will basically disappear, though many models have found new spaces to stash what you need for a day on the water.
Paddle Pros
  • Tradition – Paddling means fewer steps to get your boat on the water, less maintenance, and a general sense of simplicity. A pedal may also be less disruptive than a propeller, which is a major plus for kayak fishing over motorize boats in the first place.
  • Affordability – Pedal kayaks start around $2,000, while a traditional kayak starts closer to $500. A pedal system is probably something most anglers will invest in after spending at least a couple of seasons with the sport.
Paddle Cons
  • The Paddle – Juggling your fishing gear and your paddle is tricky, especially on a windy day or in a strong current. You’ll sacrifice full kayak control for your rod and reel and tire your arms quicker.
  • Speed – This might not be much of a factor if you’re already fishing with a traditional kayak. However, if you’re an angler short on time, you’ll spend more time getting to your destination with a paddle.
You can’t go wrong either way,

After having my older paddle kayaks stolen, which I fished out of a lot, I just bought two gently used fishing paddle yaks for the wife and myself. I will see how much I use them as I have a powerboat also. At some point in the future, I may upgrade to a mirage drive. Could not beat the price I paid - $650 for two, includes paddles, raised seat, fishing rod holders, rails plus a new Thule kayak rack for the car.
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Check out Hammerhead Kayaks, they have some pedal drive kayaks that are more affordable than Hobie.
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some good tips!

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