Anyone know about Wakeboards?

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Default Anyone know about Wakeboards?

My kids (teens) want a wakeboard. I don’t know anything about them. They’ve never used one before, So they don’t need anything fancy. I’d like to not spend a ton of money. Looking for any advice anyone can offer...
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Don't know much about wake boards, but I have a downright hatred of wake boats. Idiots seek out the calmest water on the entire lake and turn it into absolute chaos....on purpose. Makes zero sense.
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If your going to buy only 1 I would get the size that fits who will use it the most. Bindings are pretty universal in the cheaper setups. Liquid Force and Hyperlite have plenty of options. Longer the middle and side fins, the more bite they get and easier to control. Board shape also plays a key roll. My byerly is pretty flat and short short fins. Spins like a top. Go on Craigslist. A dime a dozen and great deals in very lightly used setups. Then if they need more advanced they can get dialed in perfectly with full boots and the whole 9 yards. Get a good wakeboard rope too. They are thin and no stretch. Good bite
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Maybe you should consider renting a board before buying it. Let them try it this way, probably it turns out that they don't like it.
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Default Great sport!

Wakeboarding is so much fun! Great to encourage your kids to get outside and exercise.

Get the no stretch rope without a doubt. Im sure you can find a decent setup used on Facebook Marketplace or Craig's List.

Get yourself a good life vest designed for wakeboarding also.

I find it easier to get up on a wakeboard than a water ski, wide planing surface.

Good luck!
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Tons of fun. Easy to do if you hold on tight. Look around on marketplace. Bindings are pretty universal. Larger fins means more stable, especially on the sides. Hyperlite and liquid force are 2 companies that have had packages out for years. Stand on the board without bindings in your normal stance. Then go 1 setting wider than that. Will help with balance. Iv always told people to start sideways matching the stern of the boat. Ya it’s a pain but you don’t get twisted sideways before your up. You play tug a war with the rope and stand up when the water is at your shins. Be patent and if you have slack in the rope raise the handle above your head quick to take it up.
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Count yourself lucky that the kids aren't already telling you what they "need". Wakeboards are all about the marketing. You're probably best to look on Craigslist to get started because if the kids love it you'll be buying the latest graphics before you know what hit you. Get the kids in lessons immediately - I see tons of bad advice from well meaning parents. Its not slalom with a really wide ski. Not even close.
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We don't wakeboard anymore, we've changed to wake surfing and it's the same issue with boards. There is no one size fits every need board. And as skill level comes up board size goes down.
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I also go for renting before buying option
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Go over to Wakeworld forum and you will get more advice than you can digest. I've been out of that scene for 12 years so I'll hold off on offering advice on specific gear but do not buy cheap stuff from a place like Dicks Sporting Goods. It's like anything else, you get what you pay for to a certain degree... that does not imply a need to change boards frequently. The boards are capable or more than you so you may never need to replace it.

I like boards with continuous rocker over a 3-stage rocker but not everyone does. Once you know what style and size board you like then go ahead and buy a good board. 140 is a good size for most teen-adult males, some like 144. Don't underestimate the effect of good boots & bindings on performance and comfort. I'd go so far as to say just like snow skiing where the boots are more important than the ski, the same applies here.

I do not agree with the idea of buying new "beginner" boards. Find a good board on Marketplace or Wakeworld classifieds and save a lot of money. The first 2 years have a steep learning curve and your kids may prefer different style boards. You will likely replace your boots more often than the board. If multiple people are using the same board, choose open toe boots unless they wear the same size.

Btw, take lessons and your enjoyment will be a lot higher and your soreness a little less.

What boat are you going to be using? There is a big difference between a CC and a Wakeboard boat's wake. Also, anticipate the kids griping that the water is too choppy. You're going to want to find smooth water. We used to board at dawn or sunset because dawn and dusk was when it wasn't windy.

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Slingshot boards, never look back. Awesome flex and lots of pop.

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