3-3 Code no start-then start??

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Default 3-3 Code no start-then start??

2014 300 ser#411044 800hrs
I started motor got a kakakaklunk noise putting into forward gear to power up and it stalled. 3-3 code little red engine on C10 gauge,beeping. Push start button not a peep,nothing. Tried multiple resets of computer beeping wouldn't stop called for tow. After about a half hour got it to turn over after shutting it off and on and shifting from F_N_R a billion times and then start. Same noise and stalled putting it in gear. Got it started again and push throttle up fast and it didnt stall and we made it back. Computer reset and it has acted like nothing happened since,been running normal. Got a neutral safety switch(actuator)having marina install. Just throwing a part at it suzuki dealer several weeks out on appointments.

We were looking at a looooong tow any way to by-pass 3-3 code and get it started if it happens again??? I assume computer thought motor was in gear??

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