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New Fisherman - Mobile Bay Help

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Default New Fisherman - Mobile Bay Help

Hi Everyone,

New to the forum, so far I have already learned alot.

I am posting now to ask for help. I have been fishing for the past 5 years off of a pier and recently restored an old 13ft boston whaler so that I may access my local estuary, Mobile Bay. This is my first boat so I have been really excited to get out on the bay and catch some Speckled Trout, Redfish, etc.

I live on the Daphne side of the bay and have taken my boat out 10 times with my dad(who has not had much boating experience). In these 10 times, where we fish from about 4:30pm to 7:30pm, we have not caught a single fish. My dad had one bite on our first trip, but that is the only one.

It has been very discouraging. I have tried alot of different baits and lures. Gulp Swimming mullet(white & Pink) on jigs heads, Bodankadonk Swimming shad(silver), popping cork with DOA imitation shrimp, pieces of cut bait, gulp sand fleas, and a few top water lures. No bites and no fish caught.

We have tried 5-10 different spots around the bay with mono, braid, flouro leaders, everything!

What are we doing wrong and can anyone help me understand why we havent had any luck?
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Old 05-04-2018, 06:28 PM
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Make friends with someone that knows how to fish the area but doesn't have a boat.
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Old 05-04-2018, 07:37 PM
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Put in at Scott's, buy some live shrimp from him and go where he tells you to go.
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Old 05-04-2018, 08:40 PM
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ACFA Alabama Coastal Fishermen's Association.
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Old 05-04-2018, 09:17 PM
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I would stick to rivers in a 13 foot boat
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Old 05-05-2018, 01:03 PM
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Forget all the fancy stuff to begin with.
fresh Dead shrimp on the bottom around any of the public reefs over there. Waters muddy but clearing somewhat, and as the temp comes up all sorts of critters WILL make an appearance. White and specks, and croakers will be everywhere.
Like he said ask around Scotts.
Stay away from BPS and begin with the basics...
Good luck
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Old 05-05-2018, 10:17 PM
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For starting out, you could launch at Pier St in Fairhope or down at the end of Hwy 1
Thirteen feet is kinda small for Bay so just pay attention to weather.
From the reefs to shoreline is just a few minutes so you could run up on beach if wind suddenly picks up or get under a pier if lightning started popping.
There are several reefs in Bay not far from either launch.
Also a deep hole at mouth to Weeks Bay (same place as launch) and some oyster bed bottom just inside Weeks’ll see other boats on it.
Here's a chart (screenshot) of some the Bay reefs and you can go to Alabama Outdoors for coordinates.
Also can catch flounder fishing around the rocks on the point at Grand Hotel-not the jetty rocks but ones right at point of hotel.
Live shrimp, gulp, swim shad all will work, and even better with a 3-6 feet of flouro leader, especially if using braid.
Next time I’m out in Bay I’ll mark some other close-in spots not on chart and pm you the coordinates.
Take your cell phone and keep up with forecast on Windfinder-Middle Bay Lighthouse or NDBC - Station MBLA1 Recent Data
Good luck to you and your dad!!

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First I'd ditch the artificial stuff and go with Live or Fresh Dead Shrimp. I personally avoid frozen like the plague because it is usually stuff that already sat out and starting to turn to mush and the bait shop is just trying to sell it and the tourists don't know any better. Cut cigar minnows and squid are a decent substitute if shrimp aren't to be found and they do freeze/keep pretty well. I prefer shrimp under a popping cork or a slip cork over a Carolina rig because when I fish on the bottom I tend to catch a bunch of stingrays. Go to Bass Pro in Spanish Fort and talk to the guys in the Fishing Dept. Always super nice older gentlemen who are more than willing to give a little free advice.

If you are in Daphne, see when boats are fishing the causeway/delta and try your luck there. Personally, I'd go to the launch in Fairhope at Pier Ave of Scenic 98, across from the old gas station that rents scooters/bikes/etc and fish in the evening under the pier lights assuming you have nav lights on your boat. You can go less than a half mile from the launch, save fuel and safety shouldn't be a concern as you'll only be 100 yards from shore all all times. If someone is on their pier, use some common sense and move to another one.

You can also go to the reef on the S.W. side of weeks bay, a short run from the launch at the end of County Road 1. My brother-in-law caught some nice redfish on cut mullet at the beginning of April there. I've also had luck fishing around the Hwy 98 bridge going over Weeks Bay. And there's another reef about a mile north of the mouth of Weeks Bay in Mobile Bay, but I've never had luck there. If you are down in that area, go to Fisherman's Discount on Hwy 98 just west of the Weeks Bay Bridge and talk to the owner, he'll tell you what's biting, where to go, and how to fish.

You could always trailer to Billy's Seafood in Bon Secour and put in there and fish the mouth of the Bon Secour river, the point at the entrance to the Intercoastal, the bridge going to Sailboat Bay/Plash Island...and I imagine your boat could get under that bridge and fish along the intercoastal, but the wake of the barge traffic may be a little much for your boat.

On a calm day, you could fish the rigs at the mouth of Mobile Bay, but at the first hint of a decent wind I'd hightail back to the launch at Ft. Morgan
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Look on to locate the reefs on your side of the bay. Also check out, and navigate to Alabama, then Pt. Clear. That website will tell you the best time to fish for each day as well as the good and bad days to fish, based on tidal movement and moon phase/position. You can catch all kinds of fish on the reefs over there. If you want to target Specks, it is usually best at first day light, especially for top water lures, but they can be caught on those reefs during peak feeding times as listed on that website using popping cork with live shrimp or something like gulp shrimp or swimming mullet.
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Have you fished the west side of Mobile Bay or down around Dauphin Island? I have a few spots that I can share that are guaranteed to hold quality fish. Also, nothing wrong fishing plastics, you just need the right set up.
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