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Default Fish River / Magnolia Springs / Week’s Bay

Anybody live on the water in this area? I’m looking to buy a place on the water.

A couple questions for anyone that does.
Is there a lot of theft from lift kept boats?
What can you do to prevent it?
Anything you wish you knew about the area before you moved there?
Have you made friends with other homeowners on the river or do people stick to themselves?

Thanks for any input.
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Live in Daphne and have a house at Ft. Morgan... friends that live on all 3 bodies of water you mention year round. Brother in Law just bought a house on Weeks Bay. My recommendation is to never leave anything on your pier you really don't want to get stolen. I've had people throw a lure on my pier and walk on to it to retrieve it and other stuff that makes you scratch your head. Most of the time I just shrug my head because some people are just stupid. All 3 places you mention are safe, but they are secluded and law enforcement usually isn't close by. Most of the theft that I see is more along the lines of kids being stupid and very little of it is ever solved. If your wifi reaches your pier I strongly recommend one of the security flood lights with the camera connected to your wifi. If your WiFi doesnt reach, you can leave a LED light on your pier on during night time hours and have a camera posted on your house pointing towards the pier. You can always run a cable from your home to your pier, but that gets expensive, but protecting several thousand dollars worth of gear is sometimes worth it.
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We have a family house on fish river up near Honey Rd. We have not had any problems with theft, but the house is a long ways from the road and we do not have a boat there. Heck, it's still a bunch of rednecks up near where I am at. Pretty sure it's expected that if you trespass Bubba is going to shoot you.
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In short, there is not the theft here that there is in other areas . As above, mostly kids that will run off with your fillet knife or your cast net if you leave it setting out on the dock. If you leave your yeti setting out on the end of the dock it will probably walk off by the morning. Rarely, you will hear about a locked closet getting broken into and raided. There are times that grills and other stuff gets stolen. Boat thefts are even more rare although they have happened.

Your best bet is to leave the boat bare, take all of your stuff off after a trip. Lock it up in a locker, or closet on the dock or bring it up to the house. Having motion lights on the dock help.

We take everything off the boat (rods, coolers, etc, come off/anchor, life jackets, ropes, nets etc are stowed out of sight) , coolers and tackle boxes and cheap rods go in the closet out on the dock and are locked up, expensive rods and ditch bag goes up to the house. We've never had a problem although I have had a couple of bait nets go missing. I think the missing bait nets were probably taken by raccoons and not people.
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