Boat rentals in Venice, Louisiana?

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Default Boat rentals in Venice, Louisiana?

Posted this in sportfishing section and was advised to post it here

Is there anywhere in venice that rents boats? Something to fish offshore with

Just got back from there and pulled my boat, 1772 miles round trip, just wondering about options other than trailering and charters. Would be nice to be able to rent something a little bigger and take 3-4 friends down for a few days.

Got 3 tuna fishing days
day 1 caught one 50#
day 2 skunked looking at them bust freebies all day
day 3 was a short day. caught 4 in 4 passes, 100#, 70#, 65#, 45# left them biting at 10:15

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Default Venice

No boat rentals anywhere in LA for fishing that I am aware of.
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Reel Trick

Would you rent your boat out so some stranger can go tuna fishing out of Venice? If so I could book it every day. Hope you have a lot of insurance or at least a lot of money to through away..

I would suggest you renting a boat shed to avoid the long towing.
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Looks like Orange Beach would be 400 or so miles closer round trip. You can hit the rigs from there. Even go into Port Eads for the night and fuel/ice/eat there. You can only possess one day's limit though. Rigs start at around 75miles. Also the wives could come along and enjoy themselves while you fished.

I get the part of wanting to do it by yourself but there are overnight charters, even 3 day charters, from OB on 60' plus boats. Very comfortable trips. Lady D is one.
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Ok so no boat rentals in Venice.

Too bad, would be nice. Some places have rentals, like the keys so I thought it was worth a shot.
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I think the cost of insurance is too high here to do boat rentals of any size. The only boats I know of for rent are 13ft Carolina skiffs
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Everybody on here gets their panties in a wad when someone mentions renting a boat. There are lots of places that do all over the U.S. and your not a dumb ass for asking. I think the main reason it would never fly in La. is because it is strictly a fishing destination and there are no tourists wanting to cruise around. The waters are also dangerous, but I would venture to say you could mess up a boat just as easy in the Keys as you could here. Most people that would come here "out of the blue" to fish would be doing themselves a disservice by not chartering. The few successful stories you here of guys dragging their boats down here with no experience are few and far between. They are usually successful fisherman in their home locations and know how to do their research and prep before they get here. IMHO coming here as a green fisherman and going it alone would be a wasted trip. Not calling you green just saying most that go this route don't catch fish. From the sounds of your previous trip you did your homework.

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I'll rent my boat out for about 5k per day.... that would be worth the risk for me.
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Beach Boat llc in the keys rents boats up to 42ft
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Anyone can rent boats in Venice starting around $1,700 per day plus fuel. They even come with a captain.
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We've found that its not worth hauling your own boat there from Florida. Just find 5 or 6 guys, fill the truck with your coolers and take off. Split two-three days of charters among the guys and charter a boat. You'll get the local knowledge of the captain and you sit back and enjoy the trip. You'll come out much farther ahead.

Once you figure in all the extra trailer tires on the road, fuel mileage difference, additional time traveled, it just doesn't make sense to drag a boat out there anymore.

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