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Default Just checking in

Hi guys, been some time from my last post. I'm
still alive and kicking. Hope y'all been getting on some fish. Haven't fished at all in over a year.

I did get out for a couple teal hunts. Didn't do all that good. Very low number of birds. I did get a new pup that I'm training. He is a Lab/ boykin spaniel. Labkin. Of course he is a hand full. Wide open all the time. 6 months now and working real good. I have him retrieving under a gun.

Anyway, hope all are good. Take care,
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Good to hear from you Paul!!!

Puppies are a handful for sure, and fun too.
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Good to hear from you. Hope you are feeling well. Take care.
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Rob, Gary, thanks. I still have the old ticker. They want me to keep it as long as it is ticking. I do have a nurse that comes in once a week or when ever I need a shot or two. That and of course blood work every week. As long as my numbers don't drop anymore, I will just be hooked up to this dam IV pump forever. Thank God it is portable.

I do have my "good" days to were I get out. In fact, I been having more of those here lately. My problem is that I do every thing I can on those days and then it kicks my butt after.

The bad side is that I can't drive to far anymore. There is no way for me to even try driving more then a hour. That has took it's toll on me a few times and I don't want to hurt anyone. So, if I need to go somewhere, the wife steps in. We have to head to New Orleans today. I have a couple doctors appointments at Ochsner transplant center. Was in the hospital for a few days last week down there. They had to get some fluid off me, adjust my pacemaker and add even more meds. Sucks the big one but I'm still kicking azz. LOL

Take care, Paul
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Hate to hear things like this. Tough when the body starts wearing out. I have been blessed. I am slowing down some but the body is still good. Modern medicine has a way of giving us some extra time and a boost. Nice to see you back on here again.
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Good to hear from you Paul, keep up the good fight!
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Good to hear from you Paul, was pretty worried about you.
Gary, Jr., Cody and I talk about you often. Remember the good fishing and hunting trips they will bring a smile to your face I am sure. When you feel good enough one of us will go get you to go fishing or just visit.
We all wish you the best, and hope to hear from you soon.

Gary, Sr.
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I thought about you the other day when I drove thru your neck of the woods. I thought about stopping to give you a call but little ones were sleeping and I didn't want to change that. I'm glad you are doing ok, or at least not worse. And if you need anything don't hesitate to get on here and ask. You know there is someone that can help you out.
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