Clearwater Beach Marina a good option?

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Default Clearwater Beach Marina a good option?

I am narrowing my shopping down for a sportfish in Clearwater/St Pete area. The boat will likey be about 40'. I am from Indiana and our family has always enjoyed Clearwater Beach. I was thinking about putting the boat there. Obviously, I am not going to be there all the time and it is a pretty active area, which could be good and bad. Any thoughts from those of you who are familiar with the area? Thanks
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Check on flights into the Clearwater area from Indiana.

We keep our Hatteras in West Palm and live in Atlanta. Flights are not cheap but abundant and we have the option of a few airports. We used to keep the boat in Destin but got tired of the 5 hour drives and flights were not abundant and VERY expensive. Obviously if you are driving no need to worry, but from Indiana, Wow that's a haul.

I'm guessing you are talking about the Municipal Marina in Clearwater. We have stayed here twice and were very pleased both times. Inlet/pass is easy to navigate and the docks are in calm water (no rocking at night). While we were there am officer would walk the docks every so often and seemed like to have to place pretty locked down. I would feel comfortable leaving my boat there for a long period of time.

Something else to consider is hiring a part-time captain or at least having someone to run the boat every now and then, keep an eye on her at the dock, and manage workers on the boat. The last one is huge. Managing any projects on these boats from a distance is a nightmare and almost always results in the either the work not being done or done improperly. Also just making sure everything is running. Coming into town for a long weekend to find the a/c not working is not fun. Takes the pleasure out of boating.

All things to consider, best of luck with the search.
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Sailfish 18, thanks for the info. I had not thought much about other locations as that is our favorite area. Yet you may have a point we ultimately want to go to the Bahamas... but that's a bit down the road. Thanks again.
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