The Gulf Coast Biography Thread

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Default I'll Bite

I'll hop on the bandwagon..

Name is Matt. Born and Raised in Baton Rouge, LSU graduate in Construction and currently a project manager in commercial construction here locally. Our family has had had camp in Cocodrie since the early 80's so I spent my summers on the water developing my love for the outdoors and inshore fishing.

I have a great wife and three beautiful children ( a two year old girl and 5 month old twins boy/girl) - the birth of the twins has put a temporary speed bump in the amount of fishing I do..but its worth it
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Camp and Boat (Her Diamond)
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What I know best - Trout Fishing
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And like to offshore fish when the invite presents itself
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Beautiful family Coco! My Mom and Dad were blessed with identical twins for what they thought was going to be child #3. Nope, they got 4. Had some awesome fun with playing practical jokes on friends with my sisters. Good times.
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Default my turn

From Biloxi MS. Graduated from The Mississippi State University. Now reside in Mobile and Dauphin Island.
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Pic of my second Ocean Master. Lost the first in Katrina.
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What I like to do. I'm in the blue, my best friend and best deck hand ever with me.
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New wife. She is a transplanted yankee from MI. Thank God she only pulls for Notre Dame. Took her offshore once and that was it. She will outfish any man I know, too bad she doesn't clean the fish or drive the boat. Very intense, hates it if she doesn't catch the biggest fish of the day.
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My name is Chip and I am a native of Walker, LA and I live in the frozen north up around Alexandria, LA. I graduated from LSU in EE. I learned my love of the water from my Paw Paw who got me hooked on bass fishing. I don't chase green trout anymore, only the salt water type. My first real boat was a Carolina Skiff J16 that we beat around in up here. It didn't work for the growing girls, so last winter I bought a 2007 Sea Hunt Triton 232. We all love it and I am bringing my wife and oldest daughter fishing for the first time in two weeks in Lake Charles.
First picture is me and my favorite fishing buddy in Venice in January.

Second one is a nice redfish haul!

Third is girls enjoying a ride

Fourth is Wife playing captain

Last one is the first picture when we picked it up

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My name Is Brandon Hales i live in Mobile (having to work in Bham for the time being)with My Beautiful fiancee (Wedding is May 4th in OB) and we have 1 daughter. I grew up in Carolina's Lived in Atlanta (grade School, Chattanooga (college), Birmingham and Mobile. I have been on boats all my life, grew up a blow boater raced in college and offshore until college was over and i had to get a real job. I have been fishing for about 15yrs now and love anytime i can get on the water period. boats live at lost key marina in Pensacola
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Originally Posted by PoolBoy074 View Post
soo many Miss folks on here!!!!! i got to get work on mine,,,,,
alright bro's...... Shane ONeal is my real name, very few call me that.... so i will start off and shock everyone... Im a Freaking Yankee... or at least was..... born and raised in ohio..... up in the north east right next to cleveland.... i came down to OB right before Katrina and my life changed..... went back north one last time, sold my bar, house, and cars... traded in my boots for flip flops... never looked backed I truly never knew what southern hospitality was till i moved here.... Just amazing how well everyone treats everyone down here. I have 6 ex wives and 16 children scattered across this great country.... Never been married and no children yet for me. i do have 3 nephews and 2 neices that i love with all my heart and spoil every chance they are here. I own Oneals Pools down here on the island and have been blessed with some great employees that allow me to get away and fish... As most of you know i am the idiot that is restoring the resmondo Also i just sold my 32' CC a few weeks back to generate some cash flow for restore. Will be jumping from boat to boat this summer fishing..... im a horrible deckhand and fisherman if anyone wants to invite me Used to be big time into cars until i came south and found my "crack" offshore fishing.... Got a little red vette to satisfy my need for speed when the urges arrive.... I have trully meet some amazing people on this site and honored to be friends with everyone here!!!
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My name is Chad Solomon. I am from Mobile, but I am working in Birmingham currently. I still spend pretty much every weekend in Mobile or OB. I've come to realize that the weather in B'ham sucks. . . it rains more, is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than on the coast. I just sold a 24 Regulator, and bought a 31 Cape Horn in February. We normally fish out of DI hunting tuna, snapper, grouper & AJs.

I joined THT in March, and I've already met a lot of great folks. There's a lot of great info in the posts, and most importantly their hilarious.
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Man it's great to be able to put faces with the names and personalities.
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I'm Alec and I have a fear of strangers on the internet knowing too much about me or my family. Not so much you who post but you who lurk. I guess being on Facebook is hypocritical to that.
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Default just in today

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Just had to post.......she is at the place in Orange Beach with her mom.
having a blast..........
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Couldn't get pics to post correctly, so I added a link to a YouTube video.
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Originally Posted by wdkerek View Post
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Just had to post.......she is at the place in Orange Beach with her mom.
having a blast..........
Oh my God Mama, did you see the size of that fish I just caught! Dad would be so jealous!
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I'll join in the fun.
My name is Travis I live and work about 30 minutes south of Atlanta.
Lucky enough to live on a fresh water lake and enjoy fishing it but the salt water always calls me.
Two kids and a wife that love the water as much as I do.

Currently seeking treatment for a serious addiction to THT.
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Hello guys my name is Wayne Smith I live in Hurley,MS. We moved here in 09 for my job. had never been offshore fishing before. Some guys I work with had boats and invited me to go and I have been hooked since. I bought my boat last year and it is awesome being able to go when you want and not have to worry about disappointing the wife and son because there is no room on the boat for them. so now we have plenty of room. my son caught this last year 21lbs. I spend alot of time on this site and ask lots of questions as I am still new to having my on ride. Still don't like to venture to far out with out one of my buds. Looking forward to the get together. Also have an 8 year old little princess that is starting to enjoy the boat too.
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My name is Angelo DePaola, I grew up on Mobile bay and live in Daphne, AL. I graduated from the University of Alabama with a BA in advertising in 2002. I’m in outside sales for Aerial Access Equipment, they are hands down the best company I ever worked for. I am married to my best friend April DePaola who likes to fish as much as I do. She let me plan our wedding around the full moon in September we fished the North Drop for a couple of days on our Honeymoon, it was awesome!!!! I have a 31 Contender “Fish Eye” and will fish for anything that swims, but swordfish is what gets my blood flowing.
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NICE Swords Mexico!!!!!!! wow!!!!!
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How much did you have to pay that girl to take pictures with you Ron?
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Pool Boy thanks for the props.
Mr.Trout sometimes we get lucky and out kick our coverage. That is defiantly the case with me.
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Stud mangroves!
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Wait for it!
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