19' Cape Horn Refurb

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Default 19' Cape Horn Refurb

Name:  EA5D4560-A505-4DDE-AF35-377CF44283A6-13248-0000174E4CE96DB3.jpg
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de-rigged, stripped of decals, sanded and ready for primer
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rotten deck cut out
Name:  C1A670A3-9725-4D12-8EEE-E7B7D207D44D-13248-0000174E84654613.jpg
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new composite deck in
Name:  897362EF-7989-4F6D-90D1-A8C64E353273-13248-0000174E9C88BF46.jpg
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old nasty repair tdo be fixed right
Name:  39364CBC-6673-43C4-9AB4-2BD9D02515AB-13248-0000174EAD7209CB.jpg
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filling countless nicks and chips
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primed and ready for paint
Name:  B98A5A17-982D-4CE9-ACFB-7760505A96BB-13248-0000174F0248C5A8.jpg
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royal blue awlgrip
Name:  A5B7C399-47EE-4E6B-8E70-C2CA4FF590A0-13248-0000174F46306771.jpg
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Name:  C34DA9B0-6298-4391-9A4B-61D1408BDF6C-13248-0000174F5D019BF4.jpg
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will post more as the bottom and transom will be white, a new rub rail, and the new gel coat goes on the inside
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Wow! Looking great so far. Keep us posted
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Man! That's a pretty color blue, usually I'm all for white. That's going to look good.

I just saw a CH looked just like the before pics at The Boat Yard on the west bank this past summer, it was a pile of junk.
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got the off white awlgrip sprayed today
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Default Cape Horn

Looks great Jake... i bet the owner will be very happy .... If i ever paint my boat i want You and Furlans marine to do the job.....
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Man, those pics bring back some memories. A 19 CH was my first offshore boat. What a tank! Good times.
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Looks great! Subscribed.
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What does a refurb like that cost? Just curious is all.
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Very Nice.
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Keep the pics coming!

Looks great!
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after new deck, entire inside with new off white gel coat
Name:  8F183066-99CA-4039-9E36-9FCE2F1E8500-17849-00001F26E85F1F00.jpg
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console with 100 holes to be glassed... fared, primed, and painted.
Name:  F6CD9BDC-394C-4D12-A535-15BDB566F95B-17849-00001F26C1366BBB.jpg
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hopefully i get the paint on it today
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almost ready
Name:  46AFF143-22DA-45A0-80F4-5EA1CAF4E0DC-711-00000118EFAB1395.jpg
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painted and a little less holy
Name:  C60A16D9-2BF5-4145-A38F-C65A9E22F3F7-711-00000118FB66AF28.jpg
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back in the boat.... new rub rail from cape horn and customer requested boot stripes.... ready for new canvas and re-rigging
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Default Great work on your "resto-cape"

96' 17ft --the guys at Cape Horn were really helpful with modern decals
Attached Images  
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Any more finished pics?
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I've been trying to get in touch with Furlans for weeks.

Emails, phone calls - no replies.
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this is the last one i have before it went to the upholstery shop down the road

Name:  5AEF7DA5-775A-4056-A033-F2BAE466B665-5791-000006541D710BC3.jpg
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"A few dollars" sorry about the bad communication please call 228-218-6484 and you can get in touch with owner, Joey, at any time first hand. We are definitely better at working on boats than answering phones!
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Fxjake, pm sent
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I'm pretty sure I saw this boat at wayne lees a couple days ago and she looks excellent
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