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Default Port Mansfield Bottom Fishing

Snapper fished quite a bit out of Port O'Connor back in the day, but been out of it for quite a while. Wow, what a change in Snapper in the past 20 years. We used to just pull up to a rig & fish out of Port O'Connor--but now we fish out of Port Mansfield and not as easy finding the rigs...but we have GPS now.

Anyway, I had been out of fishing (moved to Lubbock ) for quite a few years, then started a family, etc. So now my kids are bigger, we bought a boat, and been fishing Port M (bay) and having a blast. But I've got the itch to go bottom fishing, and would love to get the kids on some of the action I know is there. They are leery of offshore, but as a Daddy's day concession they will all give it a try the next nice day--hopefully this weekend!

I would really appreciate a little general advice--not looking for GPS #'s to favorite rocks, but just in general. I have the #'s to the usual spots--Liberty ship reef, Big & Little Seabree, the new reef South, as well as some of the rocks north, North Padre reef, etc. In general, are all of those still pretty good? Or do the Liberty ships, etc. south get hit too hard by the head boats out of Port Isabel? Looks like most folks head left out of the Jetties, is there a reason for that?

We have a 24' Skeeter and are comfortable with about 15 miles out, prefer to keep it in that range if we can.

Also a little on tactics? I'm not sure I have the know-how to anchor over a spot 100' deep, so can we drift these areas? Use a troll motor to keep us in a spot? Probably looking for a BIG reef so I have a big target...

Thanks all from a (re)Newbie.
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Try your old numbers, or buy Rik Jacobsons book

As far as rigging I put a 6 or 8 oz egg sinker on my main line then a red bead , swivle and about 4' leader, remember your required to use circle hooks now...just lift up with you feel the tap tap tap...

Try not to anchor unless you have to if you are drifting over structure make sure you drop your baits way up from your target and make sure to drift way past... 30-50 yards.

Watch your sounder you might not have to bottom fish....

I would share numbers but i do not fish that far south..

Also cigar minnows are bait of choice and jigs are working well ...

Hope it helps.
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Default port mansfield

I've been fishing mansfield since I was a young boy. We have always fished North since one of the old salts told us to do so (guy used to run the gas station right when you pulled into town), there are rock structures there that hold good snapper, one about 15 miles North and only about a mile or two off the beach, then a few more about 18 miles almost due North out of the jetties, good fishing, the ride back is always rough, mainly because the spray blows right in your face...we used to fish South when the rigs where there only about 5 miles off...never fished the liberty ships but i always tell myself that i will
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