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Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
One of our local captains has been laying some meat on the deck this year...and all by going to very light terminal gear. And simple rigs.

What I dont like about all the store bought rigs is twofold. One, I like to freespool my bait, both dead and live once I am on bottom. That means I need a Carolina rig or a knocker rig so my line can feed out as they take the bait...also, I dont like that crimp connector at the hook. Learn to tie a uni knot or a palomar. Anything is better than that black crimp right at your hook. If nothing, cut and retie those hooks and use 4/0 or 5/0 Gamakatsu octopus. Some simple changes could really help your hookup

Also he has switched to 30# fluoro for topshot for all his snapper fishing., and is doing very well.

You could also make up some chicken rigs using the 30# fluoro...learn to tie a dropper loop knot and make up some two hook rigs and pyramid sinkers.
Interestingly enough I have tied up a couple chicken rigs using the dropper loop knot and some bank weights (8 oz). I've also re-tied up my main line so it's more like a 10 ft flouro leader with 5/0 hook (I do have the Gamakatsu Octopus hooks) into a simple barrel swivel, tied to the main line with an egg weight on it. Basically a fish-finder or Carolina rig. I have 60 lb mono for the leader, I don't really have anything lighter but I'll grab some if you think it would make a difference. I also have some 80 lb flouro, but that seems like it might be too heavy right? Everything I've tied myself is a palomar knot, I was told that was the best way to go.
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Originally Posted by Dixie Highway View Post
I have a Rhodan with GPS lock, so we were just looking for structure, then looking for fish, then locking in place and fishing.
Good. That will make things alot easier. I typically don't use any leader bigger than 50 fluoro. If you're marking fish and not getting bites scale down to 40, still no bites scale down to 30 fluoro. Live bait is the ticket for better fish. I would bring some pinfish and croakers with you.

Since you're anchored up you can chum them up off the wrecks and catch them 10ft under the boat. buy a 25lb flat of pogies, cut them up and chum, then freeline a cut pogie behind the boat with no weight. Works best when current is not too strong. Make sure to anchor up current from the wreck and always keep slack in your line so the bait drifts naturally with the current.

Your screen should be lit up when you're on fish good. Should look like this.....

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Yeah wasn’t lit up anywhere that much lol. I’m going to get some lighter flouro to have on hand. We also plan to cast net for some bait in the morning, hopefully I can find some. Live baits been hard to come by at the shop lately.
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My son took his boss in our boat, and had our neighbor, neighbor’s sister, and a friend followed in their boat. I am in Tennessee getting the final release on my knee replacement that was done on April 15th, but he texted their results. They went to a pyramid, threw the MinnKota over, hit spot-lock, and went to work. Fish were suspended, and off the structure a good bit; the current was ripping, but they pounded the snapper, plus 3 bonus Lane snappers. The Line Counter Tekotas are a real plus on the suspended fish. They came in with 10 decent red snapper, plus the three bonus Lanes. The ride back in was rougher than out, and Mobile Bay was a 22 mph slog, but everybody did fine. A bit over 80 mile round-trip, but everybody had a good time, and the boats did fine. The neighbor caught one that showed 26 pounds on his Boga Grip. Hopefully, he will send some photos when they take two 12-year-old boys out Monday.

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