Removal of wreck in South Pass Block 37

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Default Removal of wreck in South Pass Block 37

A derrick site that went down in Hurricane Betsy in 1965 is at risk of being removed by the Feds. We have until September 20th to write the DWLF and express our interest in having the site remain intact. This has become an artificial reef and great fishing spot. Personally I have never fished it as it is on the wrong side of the river for me, but I hate the precedent that this sets. There used to be a white buoy attached to it but the buoy washed a way in a recent storm and my understanding is that instead of just attaching another buoy to mark it, the Feds would rather remove the whole thing. After they remove this one, if there is no push-back from us, I am certain they will just move right on to the next one, and it may be one that you fish. I have emailed Mike McDonough ( ), the artificial reef coordinator with LDWF, and cc'd David Cresson Louisiana ( ) , the CEO of CCA La, and also CC'd Nelson Schexnayder ( ) , a representative of Hunt Oil. I suggest you send a kind email as well if you do not support the practice of removing Louisiana's artificial reef sites.
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While other states are sinking material for fish habitat, Louisiana is steadily removing habitat. This has to be some brother in law deal where someone is making money by removal. For Christ sake, it’s been there for 54 years and hasn’t been an issue.
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"How long will it be before “Sportsman’s Paradise” is a misnomer? I recently learned another reef in South Pass Bock 37 was being considered for removal. For over 20 years I’ve been visiting Louisiana from out of state and come to love the area to the point I’ve purchased property and built a home in Plaquemines Parish. In short, the removal of a reef has ephemeral benefits and those benefits only convey to the contractor performing the removal. There are no studies supporting the ecological benefits of reef removal and substantial studies showing the detriment. The oil field in Louisiana has provided tremendous benefit to the fisheries and indirectly to the economy. However, if Louisiana continues to allow the removal of reefs and habitat states like Alabama and Texas will begin to cannibalize the economic benefit. As a native Texan, but someone who spends as much time in Louisiana as possible, I’d really like to see Louisiana take a stand and protect their resources, both natural and artificial. Protect the Sportsman’s Paradise.

I’ll happily provide whatever support I can."
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Someone is seeing $ signs, almost certainly. So we are fighting that too.
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Sent....feel free to use but don't just copy and paste....personal notes way more effective than form letters.

"I writing to ask for reconsideration of old rig/well head in SP37. I understand this business of rig removal has tentacles from govt agencies all over the place and there are many masters to serve in this area… at some point common sense and logic should prevail. That derrick has been down there since 1965. There have been no issues for navigation for all these years. Why now? Why remove fish habitat? Texas/Alabama/Florida are spending millions of dollars putting structure out in their nearshore waters….why, is Louisiana allowing stuff like this to be removed.I ask that you pls address this situation and figure out how we can leave this fish habitat in place….we’re already losing tons of fish habitat along the LA coast.

Thank you for you time and attention to this matter. I have fished that site a few times over the last several years….I remember when there was a buoy on it. One day my now 20 yr old son (who was about 14 then) and I were having a tough day….not until we stumbled across that buoy…bam a limit of snapper and happy father son memory."

Everyone write a note and do your part....


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