Clean water out of Galveston or Freeport?

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Default Clean water out of Galveston or Freeport?

does anybody know how far out the clean water is in Galveston or Freeport. Iím planning a trip the 26-28 of July and plan on trolling around weedlines for King and some dolphin if the water is clean. And then drift fishing for snapper. Iíve been on the hunt for dolphin for 5 years but have yet to catch em. So does anybody have any info on if the water is clean or whatís the best way of catching dolphin
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I think you meant blue water, right? The last time I went out, blue/green water was about 30+ miles out. Dophins are hit and miss. Finding weeds and floating objects are the obvious way to find them. I would guess more likely to find weeds right after a storm. That said, I had a school of dophins swam under my boat when I was fishing for Kings when there was no weeds around. Just luck of the draw.
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Define "clean"?

Last Friday, it was chocolate milk out about 3 miles and full of trash. Murk green for another 10 miles. King Green out to 50 miles. We never got into good clean blue water. We stopped at a few not very well established weed lines, no one home.

Sunday was glass calm. King green maybe 5 miles out. I was watching from shore unfortunately.

We have a tropical storm moving in this weekend, so it could be anything by the time you get out there.
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